1946 Army Footlocker Yard Sale Find


It always pays to stop at yard/garage sales when you pass one. Even if it looks like it might just be wahmyn and baby clothes. Especially if it is some guy having one.

After stopping at one last week, this WW2 era footlocker was found and purchased for 20 yankee dollars.

At some point , some one got the bright idea to paint it some combination of purple and white. Hopefully that person is now in pain. The paint was in bad shape and had to go. So out came the scrapers and sander.

After a couple of hours of using up sandpaper like it was free, the foot locker was ready for some proper colored fresh paint.

Storage containers in back also came from yard sale and will be talked about later this week

The inside had seen no abuse so there was no need to paint it. The footlocker was in great shape other than the paint. These things are very cool and useful. It is never wrong to buy one if you have the chance.


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