Church Of England: The UK Must Ban “Pointy Knives”


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The Church of England is demanding that the United Kingdom use force and violence to ban pointy knives. A religious organization is now insisting that crime be reduced by further enslaving the population.

Last year, London’s murder rate briefly overtook that of New York City, a feat likely to be repeated as crime continues its decline in the U.S. while the latest U.K. figures show an increase in violent crimes committed with both guns and knives. In spite of all the laws restricting ownership of anything that could constitute a weapon, violent crimes are getting much worse. Instead of giving people more freedom and the human dignity of being able to defend themselves against these attacks, religious organizations and the government want to take steps to make sure only those committing violent acts have the means to do so.

“We the undersigned are professionals and community leaders from across the UK who call on Government to see the sale of pointed domestic kitchen knives as a thing of the past,” reads the not-a-parody open letter from the Diocese of Rochester, signed by church leaders, lawmakers, psychiatrists, academics, and the like. “Historically we needed a point on the end of our knife to pick up food because forks weren’t invented. Now we only need the point to open packets when we can’t be bothered to find the scissors.”

When the human condition resists perfection through legislation, the answer always seems to be more – and stupider – laws.

J.D. Tuccille, Reason

Just months ago, a Conservative member of Parliament made headlines when he took a different, but equally restrictive, approach to regulating sharp pieces of metal, reported Reason. 

 “Every knife sold in the UK should have a GPS tracker fitted in the handle,” insisted Scott Mann. “It’s time we had a national database like we do with guns.”

Mann took a lot of ribbing for the proposal, and even admitted that it was “a bit of a shit idea.”

But that’s just because he was a step ahead of the mob. If he’d stuck with grinding off the pointy bits, he would likely have been hailed as a model of responsible opinion.

UK: Kitchen Knives Are Too Sharp! Filing Them Down Will Stop Stabbing Violence

Knife control is supposed to be a joke—where control freaks take their next efforts when gun laws prove unenforceable and criminals decline to discontinue their efforts just because they’ve been rendered even more illegal. But British politicians took that joke and turned it into national policy. Now they want to double down on that policy because the bad guys still won’t play along. 

J.D. Tuccille, Reason


  1. They already did start regulating knives for length and ‘pointiness’. Many common chefs knives were affected. Beer mugs are regulated too for weight, material, design and such due to their common use as weapons. Remember too, the Japanese regulated the size of umbrella tips due to stabbing attacks.

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the people who ruled the planet through sheer force of will, creativity, technology, brutality and class. But mostly sheer force of will.

    It’s incredible to me that the people whose forebears conquered the earth can’t even conceive of a way to turn a non-pointy knife into a pointy knife with a grinder. Or a concrete sidewalk.

    Also, at times like this, with the Mormon church banning guns in church, the Pope denying Jesus’ divinity (!) and the CoE banning pointy knives, I’m very thankful to be a member of a disorganized religion.

  3. The insanity will only stop once they’re all under the all-encompassing warmth of Sharia law, and they’ve taken their positions as dhimmi beneath that law.

    The Islamics aren’t that stupid; they’ll likely maintain the knife laws for the Kaffirs, but have different ones for themselves.

    This is evidence that England was never really a free nation; the slave mentality has always been there, under the surface, waiting to find the right master. Sad to see, but not entirely unexpected; the Normans broke them to the yoke, and they’re uncomfortable as free men.

    I suspect the root of this is the fact that all the bloodstock that loved freedom and liberty has long since abandoned the islands making up Great Britain, leaving behind only the craven dregs who long for masters. And, seemingly, who’ve finally found them in their former colonial subjects.

    I’ll lay you long odds that Brexit ain’t going to happen, and the UK is going to remain in vassalage to the EU forevermore.


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