Pinellas Sheriff’s Office Pulls Their Adam Arms AR-15s Due To Manufacturing Issues


If you buy junk, you get junk. What’s that old saying ” buy once, cry once”?

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. — Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri has pulled all AR-15s made my Adams Arms from deputies after discovering serious manufacturing issues with the rifles.

  • Sheriff Gualtieri said issues began as a trigger problem
  • He says department will file lawsuit if needed
  • Company says it stands by its product

“We’re not going to put somebody at risk because they can’t get it right,” said Sheriff Gualtieri. “They have manufacturing issues and they don’t have the appropriate quality control procedures and mechanisms in place.” But you did when you bought that brand.

Sheriff Gualtieri said the issues began as a trigger problem, which escalated to the rifles switching on their own from semi-automatic to fully automatic, and the final straw came recently when the AR-15 failed to fire at the gun range.

If only there was a company that has been making full auto AR15s for over 50 years..

“The thing was in essence useless. It was no more than a stick or a club,” he said. “There’s nothing you could do. It wasn’t going to fire a bullet and that’s a problem.”

Since 2014, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office bought 309 AR-15s from Adams Arms in Odessa at a total cost of $301,000. Sheriff Gualtieri said he expects a full refund and will file a lawsuit if necessary to get it.

“Sheriff Gualtieri said they’re replacing all of their Adams Arms AR-15s with rifles made by Rock River and have nearly completed the backfill ” Dear sweet Jesus… A turd for a newer turd.. Of all the good rifle makers out there they chose RRA..

The Department procurement officer pictured below.


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