Dick’s Sporting Good Virtual Signal Champions! Destroys $5 Million in rifles

Pictured above CEO of Dick’s , Ed Stack

What a twist worthy of Hitchcock. In a shocking turn of events, the people with the political philosophy of never trusting giant evil corporations now look to giant corporations to control our God given rights. Not just our freedom of speech being curated by our social media overlords at facebook either. Nay. Now we have out benevolent masters deciding what guns we can have. Cause of course they know best.

From the news wing of the DNC, CBS news.

“Overseeing more than 720 stores in 47 states, Ed Stack, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, has a multi-billion-dollar empire to run. But Stack is now balancing running a business with his new role as one of the corporate faces of America’s gun control debate. Who appointed him to this role by the way? Himself?

“I don’t understand how somebody, with everything that’s gone on, could actually sit there and say, ‘I don’t think we need to do a background check on people who buy guns.’ It’s just, it’s ridiculous,” he said. I agree, liberty is absurd. who the hell thought that it was a good idea to let people exercise their right without government permission first?

It’s a pretty controversial stand from a company that’s been in the gun business a long, long time. His father, Richard Stack, started Dick’s Bait and Tackle in Binghamton, New York in 1948. He used a $300 loan from his grandmother’s cookie jar to do it. He was just 18. These days he’d probably hardly recognize the place – ( I would say that is a solid bet )it’s grown from that one tiny location into a nationwide chain, with some stores that are big enough to house the Space Shuttle.

What Dick’s did, didn’t stop mass shootings; they were uncomfortably numerous after Sandy Hook. But when a shooting happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018, it hit closer to Stack than it ever had.

“We found out that we sold this kid a shotgun,” Stack said. “That’s when I said, ‘We’re done.'”

“Even though that wasn’t the gun he used?” asked Cowan.

“Even though it wasn’t the gun he used. It could have been.”

Yes and he could have raped some one with your penis ,Ed, better cut it off.

Ever since Parkland, he and his wife, Donna, ( snicker..there is it.)have been weighing the moral implications of continuing to sell firearms at all. They even took a trip to Florida to meet with Parkland survivors.

Blah blah Blah. Commie noises and leftist propaganda etc etc.

I’m not going to subject you to having to read any more of this idiocy. Dick’s stopped selling Evil Black Guns as you already know and recently destroyed 5 million dollars worth of guns. Probably because the makers already sold them and wasn’t going to take them back and Dick’s was stuck with something they already virtue signaled about not going to sell. If they changed their minds, no one would buy one from them at this point anyway. Their recent loss of revenue has proven that.

” Democratic presidential candidate ( snicker…is he really though?) Beto O’Rourke praised the company’s decision to stop selling constitutionally-protected firearms to Americans, saying Dick’s Sporting Goods is “doing more to keep Americans safe from assault weapons than Congress.” So there you have it, lets just turn it over to these beneficent billion dollar corporations folks.


  1. The right wing in this country has been defending business from over-regulation and over-taxation for as long as I’ve been alive, and I take big business’s turn to the Left on social/cultural issues personally.

    As far as I’m concerned, Bernie can raise taxes on these jerks’ companies to 100%, and that goes double for these jerks’ billion dollar incomes.


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