Budget Bubbas



  1. This right here is why I don’t work on AR’s other than my own. People would come to me with a collection of lowest-cost parts they’d gathered together over the last year+ at gun shows, from buying out other people’s parts, etc. Then they’d run into some issue slapping it all together, and want my help and tools.

    This, as you all might guess, would result in people thinking they were going to get my time and tools for free. This was a mistaken assumption on some people’s part.

    So, rather than get into arguments as to which parts I would work with/on, I just said “no more AR’s. None. Go somewhere else.”

    And that solved the problem. I ceased wasting my time on debates about which parts were better, and which were “better values,” and so one. I was just done with debating any of these issues.


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