Amazon Censors Forums – Update, I was wrong.


Ok, we have clarification from AR15 site staff over on this thread. Link here.

What really happened was the ARFCOM mods started deleted posts, memes, and comments that they previously allowed. A bunch of incorrect explanations were going around for why, and I fell for one of the wrong ones. The explanation given by the staff is that that they previously allowed a great deal of stuff that fell into a sort of grey area of it was in compliance with the code of conduct or not, so their intent is to be more uniform in their moderating of the forum now.

And, of course, per high quality posting standards, poster “Lug1” calls me gay for this this post. Keep it up ARFCOM. Don’t ever change.

Original post:

So much for the Brownells’ Bastion of Freedom.

When ever a company gets sold from the founders to another group, there is a major fundamental change. For the people who created the company, any profit was good. But once you have bought a company, you need to get profit on your purchase. You have to make that extra profit.

Likely as a cost saving measure, ARFCOM servers have been moved to Amazon AWS. In many ways this would be a good thing. Low costs, not having to do maintenance them selves, high reliability, etc. The downside is that Amazon has the final say. has to follow Amazon’s guidelines. As such, Amazon has said that some of the content on is verboten, and ARFCOM has decided to bend the knee.


    • stuff like “throw commies from choppers” Pinochet memes. kill anitfa. “promoting violence or hate” which means whatever the mods say it is depending on who it was meant towards. they list strawmen examples that I have never seen anyone ever say on there in 11 years

  1. So…What is it which is no longer allowed? The ‘Would you hit it?’ threads? The ‘Should I eject threads’? Or things which are gun related?

    • Can’t well post a source when they deleted the discussions about it.
      Looks like one of their moderators had a misunderstanding on why they were cracking down and misinformation spread. I’ve updated the post to show their official response.

  2. I just want to say that 40xb can die in a fire. Seriously, fuck that guy. And fuck whatever dumb fuckin staffer made him a mod too.


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