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We really have a feel good story of police keeping citizens safe from seeing potentially offensive stickers attached to a man’s private property. Excuse me. “property” I mean.

Man says police restricting his free speech over his anti-gun control car sticker (WZTV)

A Sumner County man is claiming his first amendment rights have been violated after Sheriff’s Department deputies cited him for an obscene car sticker.

Yea cause it was violated.

It shows two rifles sandwiching the letters “U” and “C,” followed by the words “Gun Control.”

My God. think of the children!

According to the official citation, law enforcement says the message spells out the “F word.”

Nicholas Ennis says it’s been on his truck for about a year.

It’s got the symbol of a M-16 at the front and a symbol of an AK-47 at the end of it. The only thing you see on it is U-C gun control and two guns,” Ennis said.

The car decal caught the eye of ( anti-citizen gun ownership)deputies yesterday at the Mapco in Westmoreland.

“He said the reason I pulled you over was because of my sticker on my truck being potentially obscene,” Ennis said.

Must have been morality police on top of their normal duties.

The interaction landed Ennis with a citation, a court date and a lot of strong feelings.

I think my First Amendment rights have been violated because it’s not spelled out like he said on the ticket,” Ennis said. “That we should have the right to express our opinions, and the freedom of speech, and they’re trying to take it away, the constitutional right, they’re trying to take all that away from us, like American ain’t free no more.”

Sumner County Sheriff Sonny Weatherford confirmed the citation with WZTV.

Ennis’ friend, Sam Monaghan, has the same sticker on his vehicle.

Everybody has their right to express their opinion on whatever they want to,” Monaghan said. “People express their opinion about not having guns, well, I want guns, and I want more of them, and I will get more of them, and I’ll get them legally.”

Monaghan says he’s never been cited for the sticker and doesn’t believe it causes any harm to the public.

Ennis says he’s meeting up with a lawyer sometime next week.

Citation will be dismissed. Cops should be fired.


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