The perfect home for an oil filter silencer


I never got the appeal of the oil silencer until I saw this picture of one on an AK. It looks at home on the AK with the AK rifle’s crude looks and high bore axis. Like a match that just feels right.

It is just something like looks like it would be a worth while upgrade for the average AK. (Average AK pictured above).


  1. If they ever get around to normalizing silencer ownership, I’m gonna have an oil filter silencer on my .22s in a hot second.

    Throw away a rimfire silencer instead of cleaning it? Yes please.

    • If silencers were deregulated, you would be able to pick up a mono-core alumnium .22 can for about $20-30 dollars. That would last you tens of thousands of rounds. If it filled up with lead, you toss it in the recycling bin and get another.


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