Gun owners vs. people who own guns.


Shawn wanted me to comment on a post on a gun forum. I think I can broach the subject better with out the original writers’ ramblings mucking things up. Screw that guy.

A tangent:

I don’t like cars. I don’t like driving. If I were filthy rich, I would hire someone to drive for me. I’d have them handle picking and buying vehicles, driving, maintenance, etc. My own Launchpad McQuack. Back in highschool ALL my friends loved cars. Constant Ford vs. Chevy arguments. You could name a car and they could tell you the horse power, the cubic centimeters of something or another. If it had a carburetor or that other car part thingie. If it used a Wankel engine or a scram jet or piezoelectric something or another. I don’t care. I own the car that takes the least maintenance and effort to use. Yes, it’s a Toyota.

Lots of the guys in high school were “car guys”. But only of a few of them might be “gear heads”, those who would work on and customize their own rides. Then there was that one kid who had that really awesome cherry red sports car. Mind you he lived in that car, wore rags, and ate from the lunchroom trash cans since all his money was tied up in the car. He could only afford his car payment and gas money. Probably didn’t have insurance as they would have cut into the car money. You know the guy.

Then we don’t talk about that one weird kid who was caught performing a sexual act on a car. That wasn’t even his car. Yea, he might have tried to claim that he was drunk and it was a prank, but we all know he was sober and no one else was there. We don’t talk about him.


There is a book I loved called “Never Sniff a Gift Fish“. Find a copy if you can. One time I was reading a hunting magazine and there was a one page bit in the back that was tremendously well written. It was a little comedic piece about the difference between a “Hunter” and a “Person who hunts”. I was so enamored by this explanation that I looked it up and it was written by the same author as the book above.

He explain how a person might wake up at 3 in the morning and see that is it snowing and excessively cold and windy. A “person who hunts” would decide to just go back to bed. But a “hunter” would be ecstatic as they knew they would be able to see fresh prints in the fresh snow, and the wind would help hide their scent, etc. A completely different mindset.

The topic:

The guy who wrote the post on that gun forum is a gun hobbyist at best. They guy couldn’t understand why anyone would have any more interest in guns than that. He doesn’t understand why someone would want a fancy gun, or want to own several guns, etc.

Yesterday I was talking to my dad. He related a story of a guy who liked hunting, but didn’t like guns. So each year he would buy a gun, use it for hunting that year, then sell it.

What a weirdo! To quote Shawn’s reaction, “That’s like the way an alien mind would think compared to how my mind works.”

There are different grades of gun owners. From the guy who owns a .38 and a 10/22 to the guy who collects .50 BMGs. There is that person who own two hundred Mausers, to the guy who own has 4 guns, but each of them are $4000 plus. I knew a guy who owned something like 58 Garands, among all his other guns. A guy with 1000 AR15 magazines. I knew a person who considered the types of stuff I owned as the “cheap stuff” that people who are not serious about guns would buy. But then when I talk about some of the stuff I own online, I get lots of responses like it is too expensive and only a nut would pay for something like that.

There are collectors, there are shooters, there are competitors, plinkers, trainers, snipers, dirt shooter, bench rest record setters, and blasters. We have a greater spectrum of types of shooters than the LGBTQia+ group claims there are genders.

And that is ok. We have room for all of you.

It is easy to be gunsnobbish. One guy might say, “If you don’t own a Colt, why bother owning an AR15?”. Yet someone else might plug in KAC in place of Colt.

I’ve heard people say if you are not going to train at least twice a year, you shouldn’t own a gun.
How about, “twice a month“. Or “twice a week“? What if someone said if you don’t train 8 hours a day you are not serious?

We are each going to have our own personal threshold for what we want and what we consider good.
And that is fine.

But seriously, if you own less than me, and shoot less than me, you’re not a serious shooter.


  1. Never Sniff a Gift Fish is great – really, anything from Patrick McManus is worthy. Check out “Poof, No Eyebrows” – it had me in tears.

  2. I have noticed a trend getting worse over the last couple of years and that is gun owners turning against each other. We have enough enemies outside of the firearms community.

    I’m going to encourage the Hi-Point owner just as much as I’m going to admire the owner of a KAC SR-25. We all need to support and encourage each other because the fight for our rights is going to take all of us working together.

  3. Great post. Great mindset, as well- “Somethinger”, vs “someone who occasionally does something”. I’ll keep this lesson in mind, and thanks for the book/author suggestion. Cheers all.

    • You look at any belief, job, hobby, etc, there will always be a difference between the people who sort of do it, and the true believers. The difference between the groups can sometimes be comically massive.


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