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Hunting season has already started here in God’s own state. Mainly it’s bow and arrow only but next month begins modern gun season. When the air cools and leaves change it brings about a certain type of idiocy in a lot of people. The urge to shoot a deer takes on an importance equal to digging gold for a lot of people. Getting guy’s out in the woods among their pals can result in teenage like behavior that can be hilarious. while talking to a friend the other day I got remembering a few stories from over the years.

In the 80s. my Dad would travel to Upshur County,WV to hunt with his co-workers and some of his local friends. One of these guys was a real bright spark. One time while in the woods he felt the urge to take a dump. The kind that just can’t wait. So he yanked down his insulated one piece coveralls and crapped. When he got done, he went to pull everything back up and looked down. It was then he noticed he crapped right in them when he squatted down., Just filled them up. He spent and hour awkwardly using his hunting knife to cut the entire crotch area out of his thermal underwear and get it out without getting it every where else in what was left.

Another worthy names “Shorty” Curry, had never been hunting before. While standing around with some other fellows he saw a doe about a hundred yards away and shot. He knocked it down Deader than disco. One of the other guys said “Shorty why did you do that?! It’s not legal to take a doe !” To which Shorty responded” I didn’t think the gun would kill it that far.” Later that day Shorty got out his pocket knife and carved a notch in the stock of the Winchester model 94 he had killed the doe with. You can imagine how angry the guy was who loaned it to him once he saw it that night. Luckily for the safety of Doe and humans every where Shorty has been dead about 20 years now.

Brady, who I have talked about here int he past had a real doozy of a hunting trip with his Father in law. His father in law was a heck of a good guy by all accounts and before he died, Brady and his friends would often take him along. One year they went to their cabin down in Va for deer hunting in the middle of a very cold winter cold snap. It was at this time Bill ( not his real name) had his hemorrhoids flare up something awful. They were causing him some great pain and since they were hours back into the backwoods he didn’t have much chance of relief.

Brady suggested to Bill maybe if he went out into the local creek by the cabin and get some of the ice cold water on his hind end, it might cool and shrink up his ass agony. Bill went out to do just that. After about an hour it dawned on the rest of the guys tat Bill had been gone close to an hour. Fearing a heart attack or stroke they all ran out to find the old boy and found him naked from the waist down sitting in the middle of the nearly ice cold creek, legs straight out in front of him. Brady said “Bill, I meant splash a little water on your ass not sit in it for an hour!”

They had to help him up and out as the guy’s legs had gone numb. But that wasn’t that bad part. Bill’s nutsack had turned nearly dark purple and had swelled to the size of a grapefruit.

They rushed him to the nearest hospital about two hours away to the ER. Brady said it was a close thing as the Doctors talked about amputation at one point but they managed to get everything back to normal.

You see some guns you would never expect when hunting. Where we hunted it was almost always in the parts of WV or KY the news media or Hollywood would portray as normal for the south. This means hicks and rednecks. The kind worse than even me. But you still see some of them with guns you would never imagine.

We hunted a farm for years that two brother owned. One of the brothers hunted with a mint Lee Enfield MK 4 sniper rifle complete with original MK42 scope. He had no idea what it was and couldn’t even remember where he bought it. The other brother used a pre 64 model 70 winchester supergrade in .270WCF. The mind boggles..

I have run across a guy I swear so ignorant he couldn’t have loaded the gun himself with a Sako L461 and another one with a M1 Garand that looked like they made it yesterday. In all the years I hunted , until the last 10 or so years, the only person I ever knew that hunted with an AR15 was myself though. That changed slowly after the AWB ended then really changed in he last 10 years. I’m glad to see more people using ARs and the like to hunt with.

Below is a picture of my older brother with his first deer kill. Picture was taken in 1981-82. I am the ugly little guy on the left side. My brother shot the deer with a model 94. while aiming for the heart he got buck fever and jerked the shot my clipped the spine and killed it anyway. Deer was taken in upstate WV and we are sitting on the tailgate my my Grandfather’s 1978 Ford F-150.

I killed my first deer in 1988. I was with my Dad in upstate WV. We were sitting in a hay barn at the end of a day of hunting and having no luck. It was a warm day for late November at about 70 degrees. we were just BS’ing. Talking in a normal tone of voice not expecting to see anything. But the rut was started and out walked a doe with a 6 point buck following it. It was about 150 yards away out int he clear field. I laid my rifle across a hay bail and knocked it down with one shot. As you could imagine it’s one of my favorite memories. Dad loved deer hunting at it was about the only thing he took vacation time off from work to do.

Above is Dad with the last deer he killed before he died. This was about 2 years ago and taken during bow season. Being 100 disabled in KY means you can use a crossbow in bow season. I built a blind for him and drove him to it so he could sit and wait for one. He got it that morning in a cold drizzle. The deer ran out into the middle of the beaver pond in 4 foot of water and died. he called me and came and had to wade out into the ice cold water and drag it in up on the bank and gut it for him. It was miserable but still a good laugh. Not funny at the time while he went home and set in his warm chair while I was freezing cold and soaking wet gutting his kill!

I didn’t do much hunting the last few years while Dad’s health got worse. It wasn’t the same going without him. I went a little last year but had no luck. The last one I got was 2014 with the 901.

It was my biggest buck. I am more proud of being the first person to take game with that MARC 901 than the size of the deer though I have to admit. The cool thing is now Howard owns that very rifle.


  1. My buddy whose a game warden that is into Mil-Surp rifles and came across a hunter using an legit US marked M40 with a correct scope from Vietnam. I still have a picture of the guy holding it. Same type of deal, guy didn’t know what he had and just thought it was a great hunting rifle. Last deer I shot I dropped with my M1.

  2. I will never understand how states allow bows/rifles(including black powder/and some high bore air)/shotguns,but,tis not fair/cheating with a crossbow?!

    The state I grew up in(Mass.) is so overloaded with deer doe permits at $5 a piece(after buck license cost) and will hand em out like candy at Halloween,the deer are plentiful there.

  3. Great stories Shawn. Much appreciated.

    Sorry to hear about your old man. Mine normally walks 10 klicks every day, but he’s just hurt his back and can’t get out so he’s driving Mum nuts. I hope he’s gonna heal up soon.


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