I didn’t mean to do two of these in a row but it was significant enough to justify it I think. Since as our precious savior Barrack the Benevolent told us ” these type of attacks don’t happen in any other western nation”

a crazed student stormed a Finnish college inside a shopping mall in Kuopio, Finland, RT reports.

At least one person was killed and ten others wounded during the attack, which was carried out with what has been alternatively described as a ‘sword’ and a ‘large knife’, according to early witness reports collected by the Sun.

Among the wounded, two are said to be in serious condition.

The attack started early on Tuesday when the assailant – recognized as a fellow student who had shown up to class late – burst into Savo Vocational College and reportedly started indiscriminately stabbing his classmates.

Eye-witnesses said the student entered class late, then pulled what looked like a sword from his bag and plunged it into a female student’s neck and stomach, before moving on to attack other students.

The attacker set off firebombs during the bloody rampage. 

Police confirmed that an individual had been taken into custody after being shot by an officer. Police said they would release more information later in the day.

A mechanic who works nearby told local news reporters that he had rushed to some of the injured students’ aid after the attack.

“By the time I went to help the classmate, there were other calls for help. Along the corridor, students fled to the store,” Roosa Kokkonen said.

The mechanics’ intervention was critical: after the attack, the assailant decided to wander through the mall, sparking chaos that delayed the arrival of paramedics to the scene.

A 16-year-old student who was in a nearby classroom during the attack said she heard a loud shout that sounded like it was coming from a man. But she couldn’t understand what the person was trying to say. The young woman’s teacher directed the class to shelter in place until they were given the OK to leave.

Once the OK came, the young girl said she and her classmates hurriedly left. But on the way, “I saw blood on the floor and two injured women,” the girl said, according to RT.

All classes on Wednesday have been cancelled.


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