Bonus Mini Optic Tool of the Week: Troy Sight Tool


I had debating posting this up and seeing if anyone could guess what it was, but as far as I know, there are less than 6 that exist. Many of you would have immediately guessed it was a sight tool, but as to what sight, that would have been random luck.

The tool it self is very simple, a knurled piece of aluminum, 4 stainless pins, and a sling stud so you can put it on a lanyard or key-ring.

So what is special about this?

Long ago there was this company that made flip up sights for the AR15. They were called Troy Industries. Their flip up sights were considered the best and a necessary upgrade for a flat top rifle. No one would have considered having a serious use gun with out a quality metal BUIS. I used one of their rear sights while I was in Iraq. It is for this same rear sight that I got this tool for.

Now, I recall Troy Ind had multiple gaffs leading to a boycott of their products. That is probably why you have never heard of them, as we all know how effective conservative boycotts tend be. The last few Troy Industries products probably sit in the back of closets and in boxes in basements. No one would want to be seen with one of their products now. Certainly, the boycotts against Netflix and Walmart by conservatives will cause them to go out of business the same way.

But back to the tool. Early Troy rear sights had a stainless pin that locked the windage adjustment in one of the holes in the windage knob. You had to depress the pin each time for each “click” of windage. This was a pain in the ass, so someone started making these tools with the intent to sell them.

As it always tends to work out, as soon as someone comes up with a business idea, someone else pulls out the rug. Troy redesigned the sight to use a ball detent instead, changed the hole pattern, and included a slot so that it could be adjusted with a coin. Now you could easily adjust a Troy rear sight. Rendering this tool not only unnecessary, but completely useless for the new Troy sights.


  1. You missed the punch line, Howard: Now it’s 2019 and more people carry those little sight tools than carry coins.

    BTW, I heard Lon Horiuchi said he’d come out of retirement if Beto gets elected.


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