5.11 Push Pack & Defender


I don’t have any specific point with this post but wanted to ramble on about a couple things. I recently got some spiffy new VZ grips for my Colt Defender. I never did like the feel or the bulk of the original hogue rubber grips that came with it. The defender is a sub compact. It needs to be slim and trim for you to take advantage of the few things that make a sub compact useful. Those thick rubber grips added thickness and the rubber would cause it to hang up on cloth when drawing. The VZ grips solve this, They are slimmer and still give an aggressive grip.

The Defender spends most of it’s time in this 5.11 Push Pack. I was turned on to these handy bags by my good friend who bought one several years ago. He uses his as a general day to day bag for everything, Cell phone chargers, wallet, keys etc. I use mine some what like that but more as a “get home bag.” I keep the defender in it , spare mags, a CATT tourniquet and H bandage, some medicine like aspirin with caffeine and such. A few other odds and ends and I take it with me anytime I go some where other than a quick trip out and back. There are bigger and better packs for sure. Maya uses the Maxpedition brand version of this and its superior for instance. This one has worked well for me but I would like to upgrade it a little and get what she uses. Hers has a nice outside pouch for Nalgene bottles that I like a lot.

Since I got the new grips I shot the pistol enough to get used to the newer feel and to practice with it. Since it’s a back up gun I want to be able to use it as well as my main gun. Just because it’s smaller and I would only use it as a back up is no excuse not to train with it just as much as my primary guns.

20 yards off hand

I fire a few hundred rounds then follow up with some speedy but deliberate full mag groups into the center of the target and end it with one carefully aimed shot at center of the head of the last target. It’s a way to end with high confidence.

Rapid draws and shots at the falling steel is great for instant feed back. Rapidly drawing, shooting and trying to get multiple hits on the target before it hits the ground is a lot of fun and great for practicing keeping rounds on the target while it moves.


  1. I’ve got a similar bag from Tactical Tailor that I use for the bike trails. It’s handy to carry whatever I need out there but I never carry it beyond that because I’m not big on lugging a man purse around everywhere. Given how handy it is though it’s not a bad idea.


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