Colt CM16A1 Part 1


The M16A1 is an iconic piece of American history. Easily identifiable by silhouette.

The moment I read that Colt was going to sell a new production run of M16A1 clone rifles, I knew I was going to get one. Then I saw the price and decided I could wait a while. Only 2500 of these rifles were made

Most dealers had them listed for $2500. A few had them closer to 21-2200. I waited as long as I could. When the news came out of Colt pausing civilian sales, I knew that people would go nuts and start to panic. So I went ahead and broke out the credit card and order one at the cheapest place I could find it. I’m very glad I did. I also started digging though all my junk and selling off stuff I didn’t need. Between ordering the rifle and the time I received it, I ended up selling enough stuff to offset the cost. I should have done that long ago.

It showed up at my dealer, in the standard Colt box. Blue plastic wrap instead of the clear I am used too. But I have since then seen that the uppers that are sold separately also wrapped in the same blue plastic.

Also in the box is a Colt AR15 manual, 20 round magazine, black silent sling, and a type 2 3 prong flash hider.

My first impressions. It is awesome. It is the nicest Colt I have ever seen. Everyone I have shown it too has also been impressed by it. Out of the box it was flawless. I’ve been using it, so it is not staying that way.

I’ve been handling and using the Capco A2 I bought recently. I’ve been thinking about how light and handy that is. After using this A1 for a while, going back to the A2 makes it feel like a heavy pig. What a difference.

My first shots out of it made me love it even more.

There are plenty of people online whining about this gun. That it is too expensive, that it isn’t correct, or that the finish is wrong, etc. I’ll address some of those in a follow up post.


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