Canada’s new Sniper Rifle, the Colt C20.


Apparently this was announced back in May, but we didn’t hear about it until today. Thanks Tomcat_AL200.

Canada has adopted a version of the MARC901 as a sniper rifle. This version has a monolithic MLOK upper and an 18 inch barrel. It also had a LMT DMR stock installed on it.

The Colt Canada site ” ” says that it is 9.1 pounds.

Colt Canada’s C20, 7.62 NATO, Semi-Automatic Sniper Weapon was developed to support the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) requirement for an Intermediate Sniper Weapon. In third party tests, the weapon provided better precision and reliability than other products available on the market and is now in the process of being adopted into the CAF small arms fleet. The C20 has been tested and proven to all relevant NATO D/14 standards for safety, functionality in extreme conditions, and endurance, having fired 8,000 rounds with no stoppages. In terms of precision, the C20 achieved an average of .66 MOA over 144 five round groups, collected throughout endurance testing. All groups were shot first round cold with suppressor, using 175gr Federal Gold Medal Match ammunition.

That is pretty impressive. Not just cherry picking a single good group, but taking the average of 144 groups.

A couple of notes, Colt Canada says the rifle is available with a chrome lined or non-chrome lined barrel. I’d bet that it is a 18 inch stainless match barrel. Also it appears to have the same ambi-charging handle catch as the C7/C8 rifles, not the new ambi charging handles on the CM901 available in the US. This has the monolithic upper that has previously been shown by Colt Canada. We hear it has a dual ejector bolt, unlike the 901s in the US.

Canada requires their military firearms to be made in Canada, so we are not likely to see this model in the US.


    • A month ago, had Colt offered this to the public, it would have been non stop complaints.
      Wrong barrel length, wrong stock. Looks funny. Proprietary barrel means I can put on the barrel I bought from PSA on it. Wrong length rail. Too heavy. Too light. Can’t use a DPMS upper on it. Weird front of mag well. Etc.
      A month ago 6.5 Colt 901s were sitting at the distributors and not selling. If this exact model was offered, that would have also not sold.

  1. Dang, that’s a nice rifle, .66 MOA and reliable.
    I wish I lived somewhere the Constitution applied.
    Born and raised here in California I have family obligations that make moving impossible.


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