Some Things You Asked About


We have talked about a few things thins month I have noticed comments from readers asking about where they could get one.

First up is the leather M1907 sling used by the military on the M1903, M1 Garand, M14 etc etc. There are a few makers out there but if you want one made EXACTLY like the original then At The Front is your guys. I buy from them often and their quality is top notch. Yes price is equal to the quality and commitment to exact original specs. But it is not more than the turner sling.

They make a lot of really good stuff I’m sure you may be tempted to buy.

Next is the BAR belt. Now, At The Front makes a exact repro of the belt in the OD/tan like color but if you want a real original like the OD green ones me and Howard own then you are in luck.

Omahas has original never issued nice green post WW2 BAR belts like used by SOF troops in the Vietnam War. These are getting very hard to find ow a days. I would act quick on them if you have ever thought you’d want one. Holds 4-5 twenty round mags per pouch. Will also hold various 762 mags.

Several people have asked about the ERDL I wear while hunting. Well, I’m usually wearing the real stuff I bought over a couple of decades and paid too much for. But I also buy from my friend Trey Moore. You may see his ads on the website if you don’t use an ad blocker. Trey makes exact repros of the 3rd pattern ERDL jungle fatigues worn in Vietnam.

Trey also sells exact copies of Tiger Stripe made to a couple of the original patterns, not the funky modern commercial tiger stripe. He has all kinds of Vietnam stuff.

Last week I have been annoyed beyond tolerance by friends about where to get Colt parts now. A small panic buy is taking place just for colt rifle parts. You can buy them here. He is a bit high priced but not as high as ebay and gunbroker 2nd hand sellers. I have bought from them in the past when needing something very hard to get. Ken Elmore has the hook up with Colt having worked with and for then for years.



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