Gun Accessories I Wished They Made/Still Made


Inspired by the post a few weeks ago about guns you wished they made is today’s topic.

Knights Armament used to make a QD socket for A2 stock. I always regret not getting one of those. Yeah I don’t use a rifle stock on anything but my MK12 but I sure would like to have it for my MK12.

Remember the Army DM rifle with the Daniel Defense rifle length FF rail that looked a lot like the KAC RAS for rifles? I wish they still made that baby.

For a while Colt teased a M4 lower that had all the ambi controls of the 901 lower but scaled to the 556 lower. I would kill to get a hold of that lower. I asked about that a couple years ago and was told they just were not happy with the designed and was working on a more refined version. Maybe one day..

Some of you may recall when Magpul made the Pmags in a variety of different colors for different special uses. Like Sim guns had blue mags, Orange for fragmenting ammo, etc. I wish they had continued those.

Some 20 and 30 round 22Lr mags for the old colt 22 onversion kit is a huge wish.

Speaking of 22Lr, I wish Colt would come back out with the ACE 2 rimfire slide conversion kit for series 80 pistols.

I REALLY wish I could buy an ACOG with 1. A bullet drop compensator reticle for 77grain match loads and 2 . BDC for barrels shorter than 14.5/16inch.

I could go on forever I guess. What accessory that doesn’t exist do you wish was made?


  1. Magpul foliage. Yes, UCP was terrible camo, but magpul’s foliage wasn’t bad. And yes, I was turned off of foliage until about the time Magpul was discontinuing. BCM and Ergo and B5 make some stuff in foliage, but I’d prefer Magpul make foliage over their stealth gray…
    The sand, which I think they discontinued allowed folks to dye their mags most colors.

    Colt Canada/Diemaco parts and especially barrels being available in the US. Also, the Diemaco C8 buttstock — an aluminum version of the CAR-15.

    There’s some Galil cheek risers made by UTG I think and original IMI Galil scope mounts (or even the Promag ones) as well as various VZ58 parts that NEA used to make as well that’d I’d like to see back on the market. But for mainstream weapon systems we’re in a golden age of low prices and overall better quality than what used to be available.


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