Weekend Mass Shooting Not Reported ? Hmmmmm…


Did you know there was a “mass shooting” over the weekend? Oh yes, it’s true. I bet you didn’t hear about it though. I wonder why this could be… Well let’s take a look.

LANCASTER, S.C. (AP) — Two men were fatally shot early Saturday at a South Carolina sports bar and eight other people were wounded in the gunfire, authorities said. A suspect was being sought.

Already we have a clue on why this hasn’t been all over the 24 hour cable news networks.. Can you guess what the clue is?

The shooting occurred in Lancaster, a community about 45 miles (72 kilometers) south of Charlotte, North Carolina. Coroner Karla Deese told news outlets that the dead have been identified as Henry Lee Colvin, 39, of Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Aaron Harris, 38, of Kershaw, South Carolina.

Hmm. We get names and ages and genders.. But what other detail is missing that the media is the most obsessed with? I mean really, it’s the most important characteristic of a human being the left tells us daily. Well other than sexual preference.

Authorities said four other people with injuries were airlifted to medical facilities for treatment after the shooting and that four others received treatment locally for non-critical injuries. An eleventh person had minor injuries while falling in an attempt to flee the scene, officials said.

The shooting broke out at the Old Skool Sports Bar & Grill in Lancaster. No mention of what kind of gun was used either.. That’s weird isn’t it?

“I believe it was one person targeting another,” Sheriff Barry Faile said at a news conference Saturday. “Unfortunately, we had 10 victims that got shot.”

The truth is starting to emerge.

“This was a violent incident of huge magnitude that was witnessed by lots of people,” he added. “The shooter or shooters are out there.”

No “white male shooter” ? The Coulter rule is in effect my friends. Oh you don’t know what the Coulter rule is ? Here let me learn you.

The longer we go without being told race of the shooter(s), the less likely it is to be a white man. ”

Thank you urban dictionary for summing it up succinctly without pretension .

Investigators have identified a person of interest “but no one is in custody at this time,” Faile told reporters. “We’re doing all we can to locate this person.”

Wonder why we haven’t gotten a description of the MASS SHOOTER after so many people witnessed the event? Wouldn’t that help us help the police ?

Authorities had not named the person of interest by Saturday afternoon.

The sheriff said authorities believe the apparent shooter had been having a disagreement for some months with one of the men who was fatally shot. Faile did not say which one. He also declined to disclose the type of firearm authorities believe was used in the shooting.

Read- Gang related shooting. Shooter a race other than white and no AK47 nor AR15 was used.

The sheriff said investigators do not yet know whether more than one person fired a weapon, but noted many people were inside the sports bar at the time.

“We need to talk with everybody who was at the club when the shooting happened, and I encourage those witnesses to contact us immediately so those responsible for these deaths and injuries can be taken into custody,” Faile said.”

It just doesn’t fit the current narrative and has been deemed not helpful in pushing certain agenda’s. The propagana machine has no use for an event that was not caused by the evergreen villain white male in his early 200s or late teens with an AR15 Just like with deaths in Chicago or Detroit, the media does not care about saving lives. only the narrative.


  1. There is no consistent definition or generally accepted standard for ‘mass shooting’. Some places/agencies though, use a criteria of four or more fatalities. Note: Not casualties, fatalities, that difference is important. That means:

    Someone who shoots four people and they all die is a ‘mass shooter but if the same person shoots twenty people and only three of them die then the shooter is not a ‘mass shooter’ and it was not a ‘mass shooting’ event.


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