Vigil For Three Attempted Violent Felons


Remember the story other day about the three urban youths in masks with guns who assumed room temp after a Georgia home owner went three for three?

OCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – A community gathered Wednesday night to remember three teens killed by a homeowner in what police believe was an attempted robbery.

Isaiah Reed, Jamie Hernandez Jr. and Branden Gresham were killed after police say they approached a home in Conyers with masks on and one of the teens fired at the residents of the home. The alleged robbery victims returned fire, killing all three teens. The boys were 15 and 16 years old. 

So far, no one has been charged in the teens’ deaths. Hmm, wonder why that is…

Channel 2’s Alyssa Hyman was at the Hunting Creek subdivision where family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil and speakers encouraged the community to come together.

“I am tired of senseless violence. I am tired of senseless killings. I don’t want to see you next. I want to see everybody,” a community member said

I’m just a hillbilly in Kentucky, but it seems to be that if you get popped while trying to commit armed robbery of a home while wearing masks, it isn’t “senseless.”By all means correct me if I’m the wrong one here.

Members of the community said they wanted came together to show support for one another, hoping to put an end to violence. Try not committing violent felonies then.

Evangelist Renee Simpson said she organizes vigils anytime there’s a tragic death in the community.

This is not a tragedy. This is justice. One wonders if she would have organized the vigil had the home owner been the one killed by the three yutes

Hyman asked her how she would respond to people saying the teens were trying to rob someone.

“I haven’t heard that myself. ( oh of course not) I’ve read that in the newspaper, don’t know how true that is, but this is what I say, leave that part of the work to the police and then leave the death to God,” Simpson said.

Hyman went by the house where the shootings happened earlier this week.

She was not able to talk to any of the alleged robbery victims to get their side of the story. 

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office said case is still very active.


  1. Good riddance.
    At 15 and 16 these were hardened criminals and that homeowner did a public service.
    Who knows how many other violent crimes these three would have committed before they were finally jailed for life or killed by another gangbanger?
    If that sounds calloused, too bad.
    That’s the reality of the situation.
    About a year before I GTFO Oakland Ca I had a pair of young black men attempt a car jacking and ATM robbery in full view of half a dozen pedestrians and two busy streets.
    While I ended up with a broken nose ( Again) and a missing tooth, they were both arrested within a few minutes.
    15 and 16.
    When I spoke to the arresting officer I was told that they were the two toughest kids he had ever arrested and that they were the prime suspects in the beating death of an 80 year old asian woman which had taken place a week earlier.
    Their punishment?
    Six months home confinement with ankle bracelets, and no school.
    They were also ordered to pay my medical bills, which never happened.
    I followed up after a year to see if there was any chance of collecting the money due me and one was dead and the other in the wind.
    Like I said, this homeowner performed a public service and I hope that their actions rest easily on their conscience.

  2. This kind of thing makes me crazy. It’s every parent’s right to grieve their dead kid, likewise for friends, other relatives, whatever. Somebody loved these kids and those people have the right to cry their guts out for them.

    But to publicly impugn the poor bastard who had to shoot these criminals in self-defense? That’s revolting. This guy didn’t ask to have his home invaded. Or to be shot at. Or to be put in a situation where he has to carry the mark of Cain for the rest of his life.

    It would probably fall afoul of the 1st Amendment, but I wish people who did crap like this could be charged as accessories after the fact or something.

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