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OP, thats why I don’t have an optic on my pistol and never will. They are for gun gamers, not CCW. Don’t get confused by the gun industry pushing these things, they’re only interested in profit.

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  1. Michael Bane talked about this on his podcast last week. He said that within the next few years, a major LE agency is going to adopt a red dot sight as standard issue for its officers. From there, within another five years they will become nearly universal and as unremarkable as red dot sights on ARs are today.

    Having tried to teach dozens or maybe hundreds of people to shoot pistols using Patridge sights, I can only say: “Faster, please!” Open sights are just awful.

    • Umm. . .
      Army decided that the M17/M19 would be able to take the Leupold Deltapoint.
      Some of the high speed, low drag guys have been using red dot pistols for a while.
      There are several police departments that are using red dots.
      Were are pretty much there.
      I think the RMR was the optic to really make this viable. But I think we are 1 or 2 generations of mini red dot away from this being truly accepted.

        • When I say using, I probably should have specified authorized. I don’t know if any major departments are issuing them. I’ve heard of smaller percents issuing them out.
          Houston PD was said to be the largest department that authorizes them but that was a year or two ago. I’ve heard that several FL counties have, but I couldn’t tell you names off the top of my head. I might have to take a little time and look it up again.

          • Yeah, I think there will be a mindset shift between “authorizing” and “issuing.”

            That will push red dots from “weird thing that gun gamers do” to “normal part of defensive pistol doctrine.” Not unlike with the Glock 30 years ago, getting LE agencies to adopt it will put it in a different category in the minds of shooters and, importantly, gun store clerks.

            If nothing else, the training that the officers receive will have to change, which will shift the training industry. Michael Bane said that Gabe Suarez runs a very good “how to teach pistol red dots” class.


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