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It doesn’t take much mental power to guess you guys have thought it was odd that I haven’t commented about this yet. If you know my username on B-arfcom you have seen me over there discussing it and a few comments on the Looserounds FB page. I did have the story on this within 24 hours of the rumor starting but I can’t always say everything about it. Obviously I know a few Colt employees and we have a good relationship with them. You could say LooseRounds wouldn’t be what it is now if Colt had not taken a chance on us in our first few months and loaned me out a pre-production LE901 to review . You could say that because , in my opinion, it’s a fact.

One point to note is that unlike the shitbirds at RSR and the truth about guns , I respect that relationship immensely. With Colt, Inland and whoever else is goodly enough to trust us with guns and gear. I always ask if it is off the record or if I can write about it here. Usually I can’t say anything until I’m given an OK or they release something. To give you an idea of how serious they are, read this. It comes on Every email from Colt. even if you are just chewing the fat.

This is why I knew RSR moron and truth about guns were talking out of their asses even before I talked to Colt about it. You better believe they are serious about this notice.

One other thing you can say about Colt and not be wrong. They seemed to often misstep with PR matters. I think this another case. They probably ( definitely )should have issued this statement as soon as the internet rumor mill started from the RSR screenshot. It would have gone far to shut down the usual fear mongering Colt hatefest the internet and gun counter jockeys love so much.

This press statement should answer most questions about what they intend is going to have to stand on what I’m going to say on the matter. All of us here still love our Colt’s and will continue to buy them and use them. Colt is a big part of Looserounds. We have never said otherwise or pretended we aren’t biased towards them and that is unlikely to change.


  1. Good response.
    Here is my response on the facebook page:

    “Sounds like they are trying to get their house in order…they’ll be back in the hands of the wholesalers/distributers in under a year…”

  2. Ok, I’ve read the press release three times and I’m still not sure what it means. 1911s and revolvers to consumers? Check. Understood.

    But if my dealer calls his distributor and asks for a Colt AR, what will the distributor say?

    Colt says that there is “adequate supply for modern sporting rifles.” Cool. Is Colt saying that there are enough Colt rifles in the system, or is Colt saying that there are enough other suppliers of AR-type rifles that Colt doesn’t need to supply them? And if there is “adequate supply” of Colt rifles, where are they? At the Colt factory waiting to be shipped to distributors? Or stacked up in the distributor supply chain?

    I guess my question is, is Colt trying to tell us that there are enough Colt rifles in the system for everyone to get one, and then when they dry up they’ll start making them for the consumer market? Or that they’re shutting down consumer production with the expectation that the supply will dry up also?

    • They have enough rifle product on hand to not run out for a long time if people continue to buy them at the rate they have been. They have enough made up to last 110 days. if gun stores run out, they will fire up the machines to meet the need but they arent going to keep making rifles to sit on the shelf when product made a year ago still hasnt sold. right now the handguns are selling faster. people want those new revolvers. that’s what they are telling you

      • That’s helpful. Thanks.

        They may find that this trick helps them move a few extra units. Though they probably can’t play that card too many times.

  3. Every place I checked is sold out already. I was in the market for a 6940 to go with my LE901-16S. Please keep us posted on any “official” info. There is already a ton of fake news out there.


  4. Damn, I am so glad my MARC 901 missed its selling reserve by $20, I will hold on to that SOB. I wonder if the parts situation for the MCC’s will get worse…


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