Luckless KY Squirrel Hunting


My three days off and hunting wasn’t very productive. The heat made the game feed at night or before daylight in the early morning. I ended up climbing a lot of mountain and doing a lot of walking and only heard on squirrel bark for about 10 seconds.

I did get a couple of nice pictures from the top of the mountain though.

it’s a tough life but some one has to do it

I did find a great spot to watch a stand of Hickory trees Sunday evening. Just happened to be right in the middle of a pawpaw tree grove. Where I sat in the shade, drank water and ate papaws.

Yes. I do wear nearly 50 year old Vietnam era ERDL to hunt in. I really shouldn’t because of it’s value but it just works so well.

Some kind of tree H.P. Lovecraft would have thought up.

On the way off the mountain I twisted my ankle and barely made it off right at dark. Very painful. But, any day in the woods is worthwhile.


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