Georgia Homeowner Scores 3 For 3


Three masked urban yutes got the bright idea to play hold up with the wrong guy. Displaying an impressive amount of nerves of steal, one of the would be victims manages to draw, shoot and mortally wound all three robbers even though they already had the drop on him.

“A Georgia homeowner fatally shot three teenagers who were purportedly trying to rob him and two others on Monday night, officials said.

The teenagers — ages 15, 16 and 16 — approached the residence in Conyers, a city roughly 25 miles southeast of Atlanta, with their faces covered in masks, according to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office.

It was very nice of the robbers to tip their hand with the masks. I think it is safe to assume that this gave the good guy the priceless chance to mentally prepare himself and formulate some type of response.

The trio “attempted to rob three individuals in the front yard” of the home, and one of the teenagers “brandished a gun and fired shots” at those in the front yard.

Well he won’t do that again.

One of the intended victims of the attempted robbery returned fire, shooting all three teenagers, authorities said in a news release. One of the teenagers died at the scene, while the two others died at a nearby hospital.

No doubt the robbers had no expectation of meeting some one willing to apply immediate and decisive deadly force against them. I’m willing to bet they walked to their deaths with total confidence that the sheep would do as they were told. Once the return fire started, the predators found out they had accidentally found some one more dangerous.

Sheriff Eric Levett said deputies responded to the scene after a report of shots fired. When they arrived, the dead teenager was bordering the street and the driveway, and one of the other teens who was shot “was a little bit down the street, where it appears he was running.”

Investigators said the three people who were on the Conyers property and neighbors have been interviewed, but no one has been charged. Levett confirmed two weapons were found at the scene and told reporters it’s possible this could be a “stand-your-ground” type of case, based upon preliminary information.

Witness Carlos Watson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he woke up to the “sounds of gunfire.”

“I heard somebody yell for help … then I heard it again, and that’s when I came outside,” Watson said. “There was one gentleman laid out and our neighbor Mr. Jenkins was helping him out.”

He said the situation seems to have been “a home invasion that went bad for the invaders,” and said the community is a “nice area” that doesn’t see random crime often. Classic understatement, I would say things went very bad for the invaders.

I love a happy ending. Three bad guys were made into good thugs and the world is a little safer today.


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