Scattered Shots 9/13/2019


I know readers have gotten used to 5-6 posts a day so I wanted to make a post letting you know I’m taking a 3 day weekend off. Things will be back to normal on Monday 9-16-2019. Some friends are coming in from out of town for a big day of shooting tomorrow and I want to do some more hunting today and Sunday. And I simply want a few days off to refresh the old brain. Howard will still be posting of course but there won’t be much from me of any substance unless something unforeseen cancels all my plans. I will see you back in Monday. Until then here are some cool pictures and random things just for a fun Friday.


    • I thought it was a Smith of some kind at first glance and just boggled as I’m a long time S&W wheelgunner and I’ve never seen any shit like that, then saw it was a Taurus.

      Is that really a thing with them? I knew a guy with a Taurus copy of the Beretta and it had several metallurgical failures. Front sight blade snapped and stuff like that. But the whole barrel snapping off on a revolver? Jebus. 🙁

    • I wasn’t even aware of that gun until You linked it. But if you intend to use it purely as a range toy then there’s no need for hardcore 20 thousand round tests, just go to your local gun store and see if it feels good to you.
      Of course checking your national gun forum is always a good idea.
      Also are you sure there’s no cheaper semi-auto machine pistol available to you like the Indian POF MP5 clone?

      • german gun laws won’t allow mp5 semi clones on a sporting license. no mods permitted, as cartidge lenvth <40mm.

        very byzantine and convoluted regulations….

    • Well, if die scheiß truly hits der fann, then I don’t imagine folks will be running around with micrometers, checking cartridge lengths, or looking too closely at paperwork, would they?

      But then again, in Germany, maybe they would.


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