Couple of large rumors spreading around today.

First is that Colt is going to stop selling rifles to civilians. Dealers are using this to push up damage, and the Colt haters are loving it.

Of course, it couldn’t possible be that Colt has a massive over seas order they are focusing, and as soon as they fill it, it will be back to normal on sale.

But, that doesn’t fit the narrative that people want to hear.

As for narrative, the next rumor is a second hand report of a second hand report that Trump is going to make a big announcement on guns tomorrow. Some claiming it will be universal background checks, or a magazine ban, etc.

True or false, might be worth selling a message to your congressional critters to tell them where to stand on the issue.


Newest rumor is that it was a RSR employee who started spreading the Colt rumor and that they have been fired for it.


  1. That’s a relief to hear, I have a MARC 901 up on GB going for $1200 and if the Colt rumor was true, I’d pull it down and hold on to it, at least to have part for my CM762.

  2. Passing any kind of meaningful gun control through a Republican Senate and signed into law by a Republican President would probably be an extinction-level event for the Republican Party.

    For myself, I’d have a hard time voting for my (R) Senator—up for re-election in 2020, and running against a famous gun-grabber—if she votes for any of this nonsense.

    Ditto for Trump. I’m grumpy about the bump stock ban, but I can overlook it. But a mag ban, a Red Flag law or—good grief—a new AWB? Yeah, I think I’d probably stay home. Or maybe just vote for the Dem so we can hurry up and get this over with.

    It’s hard to say the Republican Party wouldn’t deserve it.


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