They Called Him Lefty



Some people love their appendix carry. They would give their right nut for faster perceived draw speed from concealed carry. They will tell you how fast it is and how it is just as safe as any other carry position. Verily. You could accidentally shoot yourself, like a moron, from other positions. All that is true. But there seems to be one carry position that a ND results in you telling people “IT’S MA’AM!” more so than any other..

A Guadalupe County man who accidentally shot himself in the testicle while unsuccessfully trying to holster his weapon is recovering in a San Antonio hospital.

The incident happened at about 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the McQueeney Gun Club in the 500 block of FM 725 between

may or may not be the same model

Guadalupe County Sgt. Donny White said investigators believe the man somehow disengaged the safety of his 9 mm Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun while he was trying to holster the weapon and accidentally shot himself.

An employee reacted swiftly to the incident and managed to quickly stop the bleeding, according to media reports. Bet that was the first time in his life he was glad to let a strange man handling his nuts. Sorry. nut.

Police didn’t release the name of the wounded, but said he was in good spirits and alert when an ambulance took him to San Antonio Military Medical Center. Police said his voice did seem to have raised an octave though.


  1. I’m an old school S&W revolver guy, but I always thought those old steel Smith semiautos are nice guns. I had a 952 and I regret selling it.

    Oh yeah…don’t shoot your cock and balls off too. Strong side carry FTW.


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