In Australia ( AKA “Down Under”) we have a real humdinger of a yarn. And for once, the death isn’t a result of a giant snake or a rabid kangaroo.

The horrific series of events leading up to a man’s death during a terrible workplace incident has been revealed after he was sucked into a woodchipper in Sydney’s north on Saturday. Yowza!

The man is thought to have died when two of his colleagues were just metres away.

The incident occurred on Saturday at about 8.30am in Lindfield on Sydney’s north shore.

A group of three workers were trimming trees and depositing the branches and leaves into the woodchipper.

The man’s colleagues were away for just a few minutes. Picture: MONIQUE HARMER. understands two of the men left the scene when they went down the street to see if they could find a motorist to move a car.

They left their colleague working by the chipper.

When they returned the man had vanished but a pool of blood was visible. Hmmmm, I wodner were he could have went mate?

Panicked, the man’s colleagues called emergency services immediately. Maybe they can still save him!

The Sunday Telegraph has named the man as Samuela Cirivakayawa, a Fijian national.

NSW Police told they have not released any images of the victim or his name.

“There is no update, police are preparing a report for the Coroner,” a police spokesperson told on Sunday. “victim was mopped up and wrung out into a bucket”

NSW Police told that a 40-year-old man died on Kochia La, Lindfield, outside Cromehurst School on Saturday morning in a workplace incident.

A crime scene is in place and SafeWork NSW has been notified.

A report is being produced for the coroner.

Bless his heart. That is a terrible way to go in a cruel world over flowing with bad ways to go.


  1. If the picture is of the actual chipper it appears to be missing a critical safety feature. The chippers I used to work on in the US had hydraulic feed rollers in the chipper opening and the control valve was connected to a bar that ran around the perimeter of the feed tray. You pulled back on the bar to feed in and pushed towards the blades to stop or reverse the rollers, so that anything or anyone accidentally heading towards the blades could easily trip the control valve and reverse the feed. Obviously those big toothy rollers could still cause injuries but an unfortunate operator would still be spared contact withe blades.

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