Protected & Served III


The Top. Men. of the NYPD. First responders, heroes of 9/11. Men and women who fight crime, get doused in water and dance sexually provocatively with women on the street. And now, road ragers.

An off-duty NYPD cop was arrested for pulling his gun on a motorist during an argument at a red light in Queens, police said Saturday.

Off-duty NYPD cop busted for threatening Queens motorist with a gun during spat at stop light
Police Officer Philip Case, 49, was charged with menacing for the 10:15 p.m. Friday feud on 108th St. near the Long Island Expressway in Corona. (Obtained by New York Daily News)

Police Officer Philip Case, 49, was charged with menacing in the incident at 10:15 p.m. Friday on 108th St. near the Long Island Expressway in Corona, cops said. Wonder what they would have charged Joe Blow with had it been some one not elite class…

When a 35-year-old motorist complained about Case’s driving, the officer whipped out his gun and waved it at the man, said police. You don’t question one of The King’s Men.

Case drove away when the light turned green, police said.

The frightened driver called 911. Police quickly tracked down Case and took him into custody.

Neither man got out of his car during the clash and there were no injuries, police said.

Case — who earned $122,311 with the NYPD last year, according to public records — was later released with a desk appearance ticket. I don’t know why what he made was important , other than to let us know just how much better the NYPD is then you. Or maybe just to show the people of NY just what their taxes are going towards.

He’s expected to answer the charge in court in the next few weeks, authorities said

Now word if he was suspended. Which means no.

Case’s older sister was stunned Saturday by the allegations against her sibling, who she said has been on the force for two decades. My little brother didn’t do nothin!

“Philip’s a good guy. He loves his job, he loves being an NYPD officer,” Sirima Case, 53, told the Daily News outside the family’s Brooklyn home. He’s a real credit to his community. goes to church, pays taxes, helps baby birds who fall out of the nest. Even donates blood.

“If that happened, that means somebody provoked him,” his sister said. Obviously it was the fault of the driver who didn’t wave a gun. “He’s not easily provoked. He’s the one that keeps the peace in the family.” At the point of the gun?

“This is shocking to me,” she said. “He goes to church — he’s a church dude. ( told ya) Our father just passed away in May, and if you’re looking at his Facebook you’ll see that post about how he’s gonna take care of his family now until infinity.” Well that proves his innocence then. Big siss said so. Case dismissed.


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