Robert Mugabe Finally Dead


“Liberator” of Rhodesia, communist dictator, torturer and all around scum bag finally assumed room temp a short time ago. Leftists the world over mourn the loss of one of their idols.

Visiting dignitaries were given gifts of his portrait, and rightfully so: To many Zimbabweans, Robert Mugabe, the strongman who ruled the South African nation for 30 years until he was ousted in a bloodless coup two years ago, was a complex figure. He was a symbol of liberation and hope – a leader of the quasi-Communist ZANU-PF who helped free his country from oppressive British rule, according to the NYT.

Mugabe was 95 at the time of his death.

Later, when food stocks started to run low, Mugabe’s true nature became apparent. He authorized oppressive crackdowns and indefinite detentions of suspected political opponents. Some suspected him of torture and unspeakable treatment of suspected political opponents.

But Mugabe wasn’t alone in this. Many in his generation of African revolutionary political leaders believed that, since they had freed the country from colonial rule, it was theirs to govern – as Mugabe put it – “until God says ‘come.'”

And he almost made it. In November 2017, army officers, fearing that Mugabe would anoint his second wife, Grace Mugabe (some 40 years his junior), as his political heir, moved against him. Within a dramatic few days he was placed under house arrest and forced by his political party, ZANU-PF, to step down.

So, all that happened is a man who helped ruin a prospering country with the approval and often help of the western world, has went tango uniform. And of course mind warpingly, the people in former Rhodesia who aren’t dead from starvation (or busy raping and killing the undesirable population left from Rhodesia just for being a certain demographic) will no doubt be mourning him. We will be having a coca-cola in a small quiet celebration for what it’s worth.


  1. Any day a commie dies is a day to hoist a beer and say “Well done, who is next?”

    Mugabe is prime evidence that there is no such thing as “magic dirt.” No, prosperity is a function of culture, and African culture made a prosperous nation into a starving, desperate third world dungheap after the white man was eliminated from the land.

    The single best thing whites could do to disabuse non-whites from their politically fashionable game of “let’s blame whitey!” is to not give them anything. None of our technology, none of our farming methods, none of our medicine. Let them live their glorious lives free from the oppression of the white man – and his advancements – in lives that will be, to quote a philosopher by the name of Thomas Hobbes, “nasty, brutish and short.” But they will be free of any interference of the evil white man, so they’ll have that going for them…

    • what’s that old saying about thousands of miles of coast and after thousands of years, no sail., four legged animals every where, and no saddle invented. etc etc


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