Hong Kong Boogaloo 9/4/2019


Some surprising news this morning. Seems the puppet government leaders has announced a withdraw and scuttling of the extradition bill. Residents remain skeptical to put it mildly. I agree as it is just the thing to do before a major crack down. Seeming to give in to one of the major demands of the protestors is a easy way to score points with the rest of the world and look like you are being reasonable. Of course the other demands of the protestors will be ignored, they will continue, the iron boot comes down but looks like : “hey, we did everything we could ! They just aren’t reasonable so of course we had to bring in the tanks to stop these lawless counter revolutionaries!”

Following controversial reports that Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam would have left office if Beijing would have allowed it, the city-state’s chief executive surprised her detractors on Wednesday by announcing that she would formally withdraw the hated extradition bill.

Lam said the bill would be formally withdrawn as soon as Wednesday night (local time).

Well, the news wasn’t entirely unexpected: In a report published earlier in the day, the South China Morning Post previewed the news. Still, many remained skeptical.

Killing the extradition bill is only one of the five demands articulated by protesters, so it’s unlikely that meeting this one demand would end the protests entirely. But it will certainly help take the wind out of the movement’s sails. Lam didn’t offer any indication that she would meet the other four demands.

Lam met with senior city leaders early Wednesday in the US (late in the afternoon Hong Kong time) before announcing her decision. Over the weekend, protesters, who have been reduced to a core group of dedicated marchers from the  nearly 2 million people who took to the streets for a peaceful march early in the summer, engaged in some of the most violent struggles yet, clashing with police and vandalizing train stations and engaging in scuffles with the police.

Still: “This gesture to formally withdraw is a bid to cool down the atmosphere,” one source said. Another source added that the complete withdrawal of the extradition bill is the easiest way to turn down ongoing tensions.

Lam started to change her mind on the extradition bill two weeks ago after a meeting with city leaders: “The chief executive started to change her mind after meeting with 19 city leaders two weeks ago. She heeded their views on how to de-escalate the tensions.”

Aside from pulling the extradition bill, protesters have asked for the government to set up a commission to investigate police conduct during the protests, grant amnesty to those who have been arrested, stop describing the protests as “riots,” and restart the city’s stalled process of political reforms. They have also pushed for Lam to resign.

Earlier in the summer, Lam declared the withdrawal bill “dead”, but refused to formally remove it from the agenda. Unsatisfied with this, nearly 2 million peaceful demonstrators took to the streets the following day.

On social media, the initial reaction to reports of the bill’s withdrawal was skepticism, as few were convinced that Lam will follow through. Rightly so .

Meanwhile I am seeing more and more photos from HK protestors of “protestors” doing things like throwing molotov cocktails but with the little oopsie of their jackets riding up and exposing their Glock service pistol. It is widely believed these are undercover police increasing the violence and making it look like average protesting Lam on the streets.


  1. This is a brilliant move on the part of the ChiComs. I’m glad I don’t have to play poker against them. Trump’s trade war against them seems to be the place where he’s had the most success negotiating. Of course, he hasn’t won yet either.


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