She Was Surprised By The FOOM!


A Spanish singer and dancer has died after being hit by an exploding pyrotechnic in the middle of a performance.

Joana Sainz Garcia, 30, was struck in the abdomen and knocked unconscious while performing with the Super Hollywood Orchestra at a festival near Madrid.

The thing about pyrotechnics. They are not safe. Anything can go wrong at anytime and this singstress ( is that a word) found that out the hard way.

Around 1,000 people were watching the performance and footage posted on social media appears to show the moment the pyrotechnic device exploded, causing the dancer to collapse.

Ms Sainz died in hospital.

At least she went out with a bang.

Isidoro Lopez, owner of promoter Prones 1SL, told local news agency Avila Red that the group had been performing the same act for five years without issue. That’s usually how it goes, things work till they don’t. It’s why we keep spare tires and have homeowners insurance.

“Nobody can explain it,” he said.


  1. One of my mates was in his pit at night on an exercise when someone tossed in a pyrotechnic, thinking his hole was empty. It was a grenade sim, and blew 2 fingers off his left hand. He didn’t hear real afterwards, either. Definitely deserving of respect, those things.

    And I think the word you were looking for is “songstress”.


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