The USA is so dangerous. People getting shot all the time. Guns every where. If not for guns there would be virtually no murders in America. It’s a shame, These kind of mass casualty attacks don’t happen in another western civilized countries. I know this because obama told me. Let take Europe for example,why they never have ….oh

A teenager was killed and another nine wounded, three seriously, in a knife attack near the French city of Lyon, a regional official and emergency services said.

Oh it was only a knife. Think of how much more dead he would have been if he had been shot though!

The one fatality is believed to be a 19-year-old man.

Emergency services are at work near a bus in Villeurbanne on the outskirts of Lyon, southeastern France after a knife attack which has left one dead. Picture: AFP

Emergency services are at work near a bus in Villeurbanne on the outskirts of Lyon, southeastern France after a knife attack which has left one dead. Picture: AFP

The attacker provided contradictory information to police, but that the attack in Villeurbanne, a Lyon suburb, in southeastern France did not appear to be terrorism-related, two French officials told The Associated Press. Ohhhh nooo of course not.

A manhunt was initially launched for a second attacker but police later determined that the detained man was the main suspect, two officials said. Police are still looking for possible accomplices.

One person killed & six wounded in a knife attack in a Lyon suburb #Villeurbanne. Video footage by a passerby seems to show a suspect being detained at a metro exit – police looking for another suspect. Motive for attack not yet known. pic.twitter.com/ygj2ciUdEG— Jannat Jalil (@jannatjalil) August 31, 2019

Video recorded by eyewitnesses showed a 33-year-old Afghan man arrested. Probably angry his champagne wasn’t bubbly enough is all.

The attack took place close to a metro station.

“Two men were involved in the attack at around 4.30. One carried a kitchen knife and the other a kitchen spit,” a police source said. “They targeted a 19-year-old man, who died at the scene, while nine others were also hurt, three very seriously.”


Well we know what to ban now.


  1. I love how when a Muslim does it, the blood isn’t even cleaned up yet when they can tell us it definitely wasn’t terrorism. But when a white guy does it, everybody gets to paint whatever motive they want to on the guy.

    Unless he shoots up a country music festival using a stupid but politically villainous gun accessory, and then the motive is totally unclear and really aren’t all the stories about multi-millionaire video poker players shooting up music festivals boring and don’t we have something else to talk about like how Trump was mean to someone on Twitter?

    • The French state purposefully does not collect and/or share demographic data that may rile the average Pierre. Afghan stabbings? Jihadist shootings? Small affairs compared to the cumulative effects of decades of Africanization as state policy.

  2. I’m so glad this kind of things happen. Don’t get me wrong I feel sorry for the KIA but what politicians have to say now? The recently approved EU gun law works perfectly uh?

    • Owning the Narrative means never having to say you’re sorry.

      The media blamed the NRA and conservative Christians for a Muslim closet case shooting up the gay nightclub in Orlando. There’s no reasoning with people like that.


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