Why don’t we see more range adjustable red dots?


I recently broke down and bought a Capco M16A2 upper. I haven’t received it yet. I kept telling my self I was going to get one later, and then I realized what I was going to do was wait till they were unavailable and all sold out, then kick my self for missing out. It worked out that I picked up the last one I could find on Gunbroker. A couple months ago there were countless of them on Gunbroker from many sellers.

That had me remembering that back in the day I didn’t like the idea of using a reflex sight because it lacked range adjustment. I could take an A2 and adjust the rear sight from 300 to 800 yards. Hell, with the RIBZO and you could adjust your sight from 100-800 yards. What reflex sight can do that? Back then I thought a scope made sense. Something like an TA31F ACOG has the Bullet Drop Chart (BDC) with hash marks out to 800 meters, so you lose nothing switching from irons to an ACOG, and gain 4x magnification for target identification and a nice reticle for speed.

Or so I thought back then. That is ignoring the various benefits of a reflex sight such as unlimited eye relief, being very forgiving of head placements, speed, etc.

Still, I don’t understand why we don’t see more reflex sights with rapid range adjustments.

Now there are a few out there.

Eotech has a multi dot BDC reticle. But the downside is that it is an Eotech. If I could pay to have them fix the one I have laying around and switch the reticle out I would. But they won’t even fix their broken products.

I think these photos I found online are from SMGLee. They show the Matech Aimpoint T-1 mount. This mount is meant for machine guns like the M249 and the M240. There are different cams to allow adjustment from 100-800m for 5.56 or 300-1100m for 308.

This mount is very large, heavy, and I hear it is a little fragile. But I like the idea of it.

C-More had developed a scope for the Army that had a BDC top elevation knob. I’ve always expected to see Aimpoint come out with something like that for the Comp M4. A top knob with stops for 300, 400, 500, 600m, etc.

But as much as I want something like this, and think it should be more popular, I know why it isn’t.

Most people don’t or won’t shoot longer distances with just a red dot. We as a society went from being overly optimistic with rifle sights (2200m rear leaf sight anyone?) to focusing mainly on close quarters combat. An Aimpoint on a M4 firing M855 with a 300m zero works great up close, and is about 17 inches low at 400m, 47ish inches low at 500m. Aim a little over the top of the head to hit near the belt line. That realistically covers what most would ever need to do with a non-magnified optic.

But still, I wouldn’t mind seeing more reflex sight with rapid range adjustments.


  1. Yet another upper,thought you could stop at any time,not time yet?

    I am actually looking at a new purchase soon,completely a different world but feel time is not on my side for options,getting a Henry lever 45-70 next gig final payout.Still looking brass or steel,not sure final verdict,both for me have pros and cons,am glad I still have choices.

    As for dot,let manufactures know your wants,enough ask and is doable/heck the way tech getting perhaps develop and market yourself you feel the demand there,if demand not there show why it should be with a good product prototype,at the moment at least we still have that option,perhaps the start of a good business plan.

    • I often forget about the PA brand, but I think they tend to be good for the cost. Better than many other cheap brands.
      IIRC, the ACSS was a prism optic. Still had eye relief issues like a magnified scope. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. @CheckSix has it right on the head, the ACSS reticule is so good that even Trijicon is picking it up for some AGOCs. They make some prism optics (Have their 5x on my MARC901 and now CM762) but also in a T-1 sized red dot, currently made by Holosun and soon under Primary Arms. I use that on a lightweight 5.56 upper for my MCC’s backed up with a 3x magnifier and it is a very versatile system and reticule.

  3. Spuhr has a range adjustable red dot mounts for the CompM4 with a built in mount for the Aimpoint twist mount.

    Probably the best built solution on the market.

    • I always forget about Spuhr stuff. They make some cool stuff, but their more specialized items seem hard to fine. Also their mounts seem larger and bulkier than they need to be.


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