Top. Man. “Shot By Sniper”


The Los Angeles county cop shot by a “sniper” last week while out heroically bringing criminals to justice turns out to be a bit of a liar.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy who reported being shot by a sniper Wednesday, launching a manhunt for the shooter, “completely fabricated” the story and will be relieved of his duties, the sheriff’s department announced at a news conference Saturday night. Yea. No kidding. A soft armor vest stopping a rifle round was obviously fishy from the start and anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature knew something wasn’t right.

Sheriff’s Deputy Angel Reinosa, a 21-year-old rookie with the department, had cut holes in his shirt to make it look like he had been shot and was treated for a “bruise” on his shoulder at a hospital following the allegedly made-up incident, Homicide Bureau Capt. Kent Wegener said.

Assistant Sheriff Robin Limon told reporters the department was “incredibly disappointed” by the case and that Reinosa had been relieved of his duties. The department is launching a criminal investigation into Reinosa’s false report, Limon added.

Things didn’t add up,” Wegener said. “There was no sniper, no shots fired and no gunshot injuries sustained to his shoulder. Completely fabricated.

Wegener said the investigation found no ballistic evidence at the scene and no witnesses said they had heard any shots.

He added that Reinosa hasn’t said why he did it. Oh, I’m sure we could all make our guess and not be too far off.

The deputy claimed he was shot while walking to his car from the sheriff’s station in Lancaster in northern L.A. County. Reinosa reported that he was shot in the chest but said his bulletproof vest deflected the bullet into his shoulder, causing a bruise.

He’s so stupid one wonders how he even got to be a cop. Probably best not to think about it too deep if you live in LA.


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