M16A1 in 44 Years Of Jungle Fighting


I ran across these photos of a Hmong fighter in Laos. Still with the M16A1 the US gave him.

Still killing commies after all these years. With considerable less finish than it left the factory with. Funny how only the much overrated AK47/Type56 is supposedly the only rifle that could hold up under tropical jungle conditions with little maintenance applied by peasants.


  1. One swallow doesn’t make spring.

    The US procurement philosophy for weapons systems from the lowly M16 all the way up to the F35 is to allow for rigorous maintenance schedules with supplies of things like wear parts. This allows for tighter clearances and tighter relationships with client states: when you buy US weapons systems, you’re not just buying weapons, you’re buying a full training and maintenance contract.

    The Soviet philosophy was the opposite: build it rugged so that it can be scattered around the globe and be useful long after The fascists encircle you.

    Both approaches have pros and cons. A pro of the American system is that you can get more performance out of a given system provided that wear parts get replaced on time, cleaning gets performed, etc. this is why nobody comes to the 1000 yard line with an AK. Another pro to the American system is that if a state goes rogue, we can cut off their maintenance. The Iranians had tremendous difficulty keeping their F-14s running after the Islamic Revolution, which was geostrategically a very good thing for us. (And the Iranians are not your typical third world dolts either—they are running a nuclear program.)

    The major pro of the Soviet strategy is that the bazillions of AKs that they released into the world are still sowing chaos decades after the USSR itself got encircled by Levi’s jeans and Iron Maiden, still fulfilling Soviet objectives.

    • so you are saying after 1975, that the US supplied a Laotian Hmong hill tribe with spare parts like cam pins and extra triangle handgaurds in the following decades when they wouldnt send 10 gallons of gas to the RVN to stop communists from rolling tanks into Saigon? Thats the only reason these two guys M16A1s still work is because of the US logistical help?
      No, I have seen dozens of pictures over the years of M16s still in use in asia with no finish and tape holding the HGs together. this isnt a one off, ESPECIALLY since unlike the AK, there are a 100,000 laying around to scrounged parts from

  2. This must be Trump propaganda..The only way a M16 could last that long is with KNS pins or a HK logo engraved on a magwell.

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