Hong Kong Boogaloo 8/25/2019


Things are really tense this weekend in the ongoing HK riots/protests which are looking more and more like the beginning of a revolution. The gov becoming more heavy handed by the day. You can watch live feed below or read up on the happenings.

The violence between Hong Kong riot police and anti-government protesters escalated on Sunday – one of the most violent nights of pro-democracy demonstrations which began three months ago. 


While largely peaceful, a group of more violent protesters broke away from the day’s march – pelting police with bricks and fire bombs. In response, police deployed tear gas and two Mercedes-Benz crowd control water cannons for the first time in 12 weeks

Police have fired tear gas in Tsuen Wan as protesters hurl bricks and projectiles in return https://t.co/yIVtMHNLAE #HongKongProtests pic.twitter.com/OHBVEGtHt0 — SCMP Hong Kong (@SCMPHongKong) August 25, 2019

Water cannon deployed toward protesters. pic.twitter.com/k3QgJVacuu — Nathan VanderKlippe (@nvanderklippe) August 25, 2019

The vehicles are equipped with surveillance cameras and multiple water-cannon nozzles, and police had said they would only be used in the event of a “large-scale public disturbance”. –BBC

Water cannons have arrived on site in Tsuen Wan. Protesters are retreating https://t.co/yIVtMHNLAE #HongKongProtests pic.twitter.com/qjeAPX4ZwL — SCMP Hong Kong (@SCMPHongKong) August 25, 2019

Protesters have now thrown six petrol bombs in total on Yeung Uk Road – to loud cheers from the crowd. Via SCMP

Earlier in the day, police drew guns on the crowd, while a police officer fired a warning shot from a .38 revolver after reportedly feeling his life was in danger

Before nightfall, police raised the orange flag warning protesters to disperse or they will fire

At Sha Tsui Road, weapon-wielding demonstrators had gone for a small group of officers, leading one policeman to fire a warning shot in the air

Video: SCMP/@Lealokkk #HongKongProtests pic.twitter.com/98EuL00u4f — SCMP Hong Kong (@SCMPHongKong) August 25, 2019

After which riot police showed up.

Clashes break out at Chung On Street as police try to take a man away. An angry crowd of residents and protesters chants: “Release him! Triads!”

Video: SCMP/@jeffielam #HongKongProtests pic.twitter.com/ILDz1dl5vq — SCMP Hong Kong (@SCMPHongKong) August 25, 2019

Hong Kong’s elite “Raptors” police squad was seen marching in front of the Indi Home Shopping Arcade. 

Despite rain and thunder, thousands of people showed up for the demonstrations dressed in plastic ponchos and rain coats, marching from Kwai Chung to Tseun Wan district in the city’s New Territories while huddling under a sea of umbrellas. 

Last Sunday, around 1.7 million people attended a pro-democracy rally in central Hong Kong according to the BBC. Today’s count came in at 128,000 – only counting those at an officially sanctioned rally in Victoria Park. 

Protesters have also showed up en masse in Hong Kong subways as well as the International Airport and other tourist spots throughout the city. MTR Corporation closed three subway stations from 1:30 p.m. until further notice due to the protests, meaning that trains will not stop at those locations for the time being. 

In Central, police family members held a rally at Edinburgh Place to call on officers to exercise restraint in dealing with protesters. They also want an independent inquiry to investigate police violence. 

This rally was unexpected as police associations have made it clear they oppose any inquiry. The family members then marched to the office of Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor to submit a petition letter, which no one took delivery of, and are now marching to police headquarters to submit another letter to the force. –SCMP

When do they roll out the tanks?


  1. One of my old mates is an ex armoured corps officer…mechanised infantry in M113s.

    We talked about Hong Kong and he shuddered in horror at the thought of taking armour into such a narrow maze of streets surrounded by high rise buildings. He said they’d receive a rain of Molotov cocktails and most likely be driven back, and thought that if the PLA had an ounce of sense they’d go in largely on foot.

    Seemed reasonable to me.

    Also, in the age of smart phones there won’t be another hidden Tiananmen massacre…it will be recorded and on the internet in real time and most like result in massive intrrnational sanctions.

    Xi and his squalid thugs are in a pretty tricky situation.

  2. The world seems to becoming more interesting lately,Hong Kong/France/EU issues with member countries ect.,seems folks more and more want to be left the F&$k alone,see this as a good thing though could be a ugly slog to say the least,best of luck to all who want a little more freedom from meddling puppet masters.

    I believe the Hong Kong situation allowed to go on so far due to what LS mentioned in the new world of tech.


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