Gone plinking


Did a little shooting this morning. Top rifle is a Colt AR6951 with Aimpoint PRO in Wilcox mount. ARMS 40A2 rear sight, KAS M4 RAS quad rail, Tango Down Stubby Grip, and a B5 SOPMOD stock. Bottom rifle is a SBR with a Colt 10.3 inch upper and a Surefire 556K silencer. KAC RIS quad rail, and a TA01NSN ACOG in a Larue mount. Also a Gasbuster charging handle.

I had moved the ACOG from another rifle to the SBR, and took the Aimpoint off the SBR and moved it to the 9mm. So, I had to zero those. That went quick and easy, so I shot at a few clay pigeons left on the berm with the rifles.


    • Wilcox is more associated with Naval Special Warfare Center Crane and Night Vision. They have make small runs of various accessories used by the NSWC. While everything they make is excellent, for the most part it is stuff the average person would not need or would not be better for them than more common alternatives. For example, while the Wilcox mount is nice, a person using the standard mount that comes with the Aimpoint PRO would not likely see any benefit if they switched to the Wilcox mount.

  1. I agree, the standard torque limiting mount that came with my PRO is quite good.

    I just *needed* the super cool qd mount at the time. The LaRue has been great for the decade I have had it.


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