AirArmsHuntingSA YouTube Channel


A couple years ago a friend turned me on to this guy’s youtube channel. Matt Dubber is a south African hunter and shooter who runs the channel and covers his hunting of varmints and medium game with air rifles and firearms.


His channel features lots of hunting and shooting with very expensive and very accurate air rifles but that’s not all. He hunts with firearms as well and he is a hell of a rifleman. His skill with the air guns is impressive. He has made some surgical shots at small game at some damned impressive ranges with airguns. He also has skill with his suppressed .260 remington at long range and on small game. All of this you can see on his channel through his HD scope camera. I am very partial to his baboon hunts.

He hunts everything from small pest birds to four legged animals that would be medium to big game here in the US but I am sure is still “small game” in Africa.

His videos and footage are a lot of fun and he is a likeable guy who makes the videos even more enjoyable with his commentary. I give it my highest recommendation.


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