Top. Man…?

New York State Trooper Jennifer Daignault on Sept.

Have you ever read the “rules of the internet? Two rules of the internet seem to have been broken here.

  • Rule 29: On the internet men are men, women are men.
  • Rule 30: Girls do not exist on the internet.

A female New York State Police trooper pretended to be a man online and threatened to publicly post naked photos of a woman she met on an internet dating site if the victim didn’t buy her a fake driver’s license, authorities said Tuesday. Now there is something you don’t hear often. A women pretending to be a man online? Cats and dogs living together!

Jennifer Daignault, 31, of upstate Rome, pleaded not guilty Monday to three coercion charges at a Nassau County Court arraignment, according to court records.

Daignault had worked upstate at Troop D but is suspended from her job with pay, a State Police spokesman said Tuesday. Of course. The King’s ( fake?, pseudo? ersatz? ) Men don’t have to live by the same rules as the rest of us serfs. Even when betraying their oath to protect and serve.

I could make some other comments about why she is being handled with kid gloves but those would get us in trouble.

The Nassau district attorney’s office has alleged Daignault began a relationship with a 33-year-old victim that was limited to text messages after the two met on an online dating site.

Prosecutors say the victim, who lives in Nassau County, believed she was communicating with a man and sent numerous nude photos to Daignault.

But law enforcement officials allege Daignault then used the photos to coerce the victim into going to Queens and Manhattan and attempting to buy a fake driver’s license bearing the name of a 33-year-old man with an address in upstate Manlius. I would love to know what she planend to do with that fake DL.

Prosecutors said Daignault, who faces up to 2 1/3 to 7 years in prison if convicted of the top count against her, threatened to put the woman’s naked photos online if she didn’t obey her demand. Typical fake man behavior. Guys only think about one thing, Getting nudes then posting them online. All fake men are just misogynists.

The charges allege the trooper used multiple online identities while pretending to be a man and committed the crimes last year between May and about the end of July.

Sounds like NY state police have one hell of a good vetting system for their employees.

The trooper’s Mineola attorney, Gerard McCloskey, said Tuesday he hadn’t yet seen the text messages involved in the case.

“I do think that these charges are overblown, and I anticipate that we’ll fight it out in court,” he said. Brave claim considering he hasn’t even read the text messages yet. Maybe he is a fake lawyer?

Acting State Supreme Court Justice Meryl Berkowitz released the trooper on her own recognizance after the arraignment. The Old Boys Club in action.

Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas said in a statement Tuesday that the case highlighted the need to be careful when using online dating platforms and cautioned those who did so to limit how much personal information they shared before meeting people in person or speaking on the phone. The case highlights the need to be a hell of a lot more careful not to hire shitbags for your police department.

Online court records show Daignault also faces separate charges in Oneida County of coercion, stalking and aggravated harassment and pleaded not guilty in that case in December


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    They are identified by Tattoos.
    The regulators and Bandito’s are the best known,

    Civil asset forfeiture has led to a degree of corruption among LEO that was previously unknown, in 2014 it amounted to $4.5 Billion.
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