27 Years Ago Today,The World Was Made Safer


I didn’t want to pass up the chance today to remind us of one of the US. Gov’s most heroic moments. These events made us all safer.

Noted heroic Sniper Lon Horiuchi pictured above, making the world safe from shotguns with barrels s smidge too short. Lon would later go on to help save the hell out of a bunch of women and kids in a little known place in Texas. He would later still get a pie job working for H-S Precision while his heroic spotter got hooked up working for Spike’s Tactical. Well done boys.

The sequence of events during the ensuing shootout is disputed, with Weaver and Harris saying that the camouflaged marshals fired first[7] and did not identify themselves. The marshals’ version of events is when they were rising to identify themselves, they were fired on first by Sammy and Harris.[7][12] In another version of events, the Weavers’ dog, Striker, was shot as he exposed a hiding Bill Degan. Sammy Weaver then shot Bill Degan in retaliation. While running away, Sammy was then shot in the back by a dying Bill Degan and/or other federal agents.[13] Both died. After this, the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) was called in to assist with the situation. Much controversy was later generated by the fact that, after the first day’s events, the FBI had changed its usual rules of engagement; specifically, “deadly force can and should be used against any armed adult male if the shot could be taken without a child being injured.”[14] No request for surrender or announcement of officials’ presence would be needed to shoot.[12][13]

The next day, August 22, 1992, HRT sniper/observer teams were deployed on the north ridge overlooking the cabin. Randy Weaver, Harris, and Weaver’s 16-year-old daughter Sara were seen outside the cabin. Weaver went to view the body of Sammy Weaver,[12] which had been placed in a shed after being recovered the previous day. Weaver’s back was to FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi, who aimed to sever Weaver’s spine for an instant kill. Weaver moved at the last second as Horiuchi fired, and the bullet entered Weaver’s right shoulder and exited through his armpit.[15] As the three ran back to the house, Horiuchi fired again at Kevin Harris as he ran away, but this time hit Weaver’s wife Vicki in the head as she held their 10-month-old daughter Elishiba at the door.[16] Vicki Weaver collapsed on the floor, dying instantly. Harris was hit in the chest by the same bullet. A Justice Department review later found this second shot was out of policy and the lack of a request to surrender was “inexcusable”, since Harris and the two Weavers were running for cover and did not pose an imminent threat. The task force also specifically blamed Horiuchi for firing at the door, not knowing whether someone was on the other side of it, and criticized those who had decided on the special rules of engagement allowing shots to be fired with no previous request for surrender.[12] Much later, a robot vehicle approached the cabin and announced the presence of law enforcement.[17] According to the Weavers, this was the first announcement of the source of the violence.”


  1. When I let myself think about it, it really chaps my hide that neither Horiuchi nor any of his superiors did any time for those stunts.

      • I can’t say that there have been no consequences for him. He probably has to keep an unlisted phone number and maintain some pretty good opsec/persec, but that’s not 1/10 of 1% what he should have gotten.

        And I wouldn’t let off his bosses, either. Somebody gave the order to turn that family’s property into a free-fire zone, and I’d have sent that guy to the chair before Horiuchi, were I on the jury.

        I watched the video of Mesa AZ PD waxing Daniel Shaver a couple of years back, and my main takeaway was that they should’ve put the sergeant on trial for murder along with the patrolman who pulled the trigger. What a freaking disaster that whole thing was.

        I would really like to be pro-cop, but I keep finding myself on the opposite side of a thin blue line from guys like Horiuchi and the team that waxed Shaver. If the other cops would throw those guys out to the justice system, or heck, even just blacklist them, it would be a whole lot easier.

    • If major punishments had been handed down, I think I could have forgiven the gov for this fuck up. But instead it was treated like they did the right thing.
      It really pisses me off that Lon was used as a spokesman for HS Precision.

      • Yeah, that’s a hide-chapper, too. Again, if the other cops had the decency to shun these guys in public, I’d feel a lot differently about it.

  2. Horiuchi is in fact a hero of the New America* for clearing out some old stale pale people. Hail the new flesh!

    *Warning, New America does not contain stale pale male concepts like ordered liberty or bills of rights.

  3. Not mentioned here is that Randy Weaver landed on the FBI shitlist for repeatedly refusing to become an informant.
    He moved to Ruby Ridge partly to get away from that pressure.
    And you are damn right Horiuchi should have been prosecuted, along with whoever came up with those ROE’s.

    • Half of the dudes at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge thing a few years back were federal informants of various types. HALF!

      An FBI agent in full Arab dress pulled into the Draw Mohammed Cartoon Festival a couple of years back, hot on the heels of the two guys who tried to shoot the place up. I guess the local cops on site who had just (righteously) waxed those two terrorists almost lit this guy up before he produced his FBI badge. Apparently he was running the two terrorists and things got out of hand. Or hey, maybe it all went according to plan. Who knows? You can Google it. My jaw dropped when I first read about it. It’s impossible to be too cynical about this stuff.

      Cue Chief Wiggam.


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