WTF quote of the day


This gem bought to you by, a giant forum that sometimes talks about guns.

The 5.56 round is practically harmless unless it fragments. Reliable fragmentation velocity is about 2600 fps.
Your barrel has a muzzle velocity under 1900 fps, which means its effective range is zero meters. You could shoot someone with it point blank in the chest and they’d likely be fine, unless you happened to get lucky and strike the spinal cord. If you had used an 11″ barrel, you would probably OK for 30 yards or less…or if you had used a .300 blackout, you’d be fine with that barrel length. User Pebble LINK

At least the first person to respond to him responded with laughter.


  1. Point blank would cause all that muzzle blast to go straight into your chest cavity. I doubt you would be fine for this and, we’ll, several other reasons.

  2. The quantity of nonsense, gun store lore, urban legends, assumptions, and just straight bull surrounding terminal ballistics would suffocate Google if it could all be written down.

    This is just retarded on stilts.

    It’s not a terrifically difficult subject to get a working knowledge of. Any reasonably intelligent person with a modicum of critical thinking skills can do it with a Google prompt. Having passed high school physics might be a help but is by no means required.


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