Displays At FT Bragg ( Airborne Day)


Some pictures taken at Ft. Bragg for the national Airborne day by arfcommer Godzilla705.


  1. I am now thinking was also wondering as the average person does not have a unlimited budget but was say interested in night vision can one get one vision monocular that could be personal head mounted but if desired also at times mounted in front of scopes,realize would require 2 types of mounts,assume if otherwise not fiddled with scope settings stay the same?

      • Thanks,still looking at 3 g + for gen 3(but includes head gear!),at moment will stick with going out in full moon and then as full moon fades acclimating a bit to walking/being more active in the dark.I am interested and next few good gigs may bite the bullet,tis a want item (hope I never need it life or death) and seems from all I have read last few weeks the gen 3 has a much longer shelf life and units new seem to have a 10 year warranty,hmmmm………

    • PVS14 is only rated for 5.56. If you go bigger with it rifle mounted you could damage the unit so plan accordingly using an IR laser for the larger shooters.
      If you go with just the one NVD a 14 will carry you a long way. Head mounted, handheld, weapon mounted either behind the optic or in a special mount as those larger PVS22 units, they’re very versatile. Very much worth it.
      My recommendation is don’t mess with anything less than GenIII unless you’re talking something with a large objective lens that gathers a lot of light like an old PVS4. Those are bulky but I wouldn’t feel under equipped with one. There’s a review on here of them.
      After that, practice with them. A lot.


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