Lit Up!



  1. SOP these days.
    I see there’s a push for a national “Red Flag” law like the ones 17 states ( Including California) have adopted.
    Those laws allow anyone to claim that you are “Unstable” at which point the cops show up in force to take your guns, all legal like.
    It can be an exwife or girlfriend, an asshole neighbor or a lawn forcement officer.
    No criminal charges needed, no “Mental Health” evaluation by a “”Qualified Mental Health Professional”
    ( God help us all) first, just an allegation by anyone willing to sign a form.
    You might also recall that during the reign of that noted Constitutional Scholar Barack Obama Habeas Corpus died a quiet death as part of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2010.
    It was a Bipartisan effort, plenty of Congresscritters with an (R) after their name thought it was a good idea.
    And the good old FBI has announced that they will be using Artificial Intelligence as part of their “Pre Crime” initiative to identify potential domestic terrorists.
    Criticising the Government is an indicator they pay attention to, especially if you area veteran of our forever wars.
    Secret laws and secret courts too.

    They may have the ability to monitor every one’s location using their smartphone, they may be able to monitor and record every email, phone call and comment on social media and they may be able to stop any one who tries to organize for peaceful change.
    But change will come.
    “If ye sow the wind ye shall reap the whirlwind”.

    I’m old and with my health issues I’m unlikely to last much longer, But I hope every reader of this blog will remember their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

  2. wow, that’s some shit. On the one hand, i can see why they lit him up. He did point the pistol at them. Cause at first, the cop responds in what sounds like a calm manner “put it down”, at which point, he did something stupid, which was wave them off the property with his pistol hand, muzzling them in the process. Violated a big rule of gun safety.
    On the other hand, a fraction of a second after being muzzled, they open up. And at first, i thought it was one cop with something that sounded full auto. And then I realized there was a second cop behind him, also lighting him up. Literally “jumped the gun” on that one. I could see drawing your pistol in a response and telling him to “put it down” a bit more forcefully.
    Shit situation. He was a dumb ass and they were a bit too quick to use lethal force.


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