Honk Kong Boogaloo 8/15/2019


Things continue to stay tense over in Hong Kong. With the military having “excersises” in the area. Commies gonna commie.

“From what it looks like, Beijing might send paramilitary gangs across the border to do what the Hong Kong police seemingly can’t accomplish.

China again on Wednesday called the protests acts of “terrorism”, as more street clashes erupted at a police station following the harrowing showdown at Hong Kong International airport.

Some lawmakers have warned of another Tiananmen Square but in Hong Kong. That’s starting to look more plausible than a peaceful deescalation.

Meanwhile, after the Trump Administration said Chine needs to resolve Hong Kong on its own, China’s Foreign Ministry says it hopes the US does what it says”

AFP has published photos showing more military buildup unfolding in Shenzen.

The photos show what Reuters reports are hundreds of members of the People’s Armed Police, a pro-regime paramilitary organization, carrying out military exercises in a stadium in Shenzen. They could be preparing to carry out demonstrations of its own in Hong Kong.

Not to mention the hundreds of carriers and what appear to be tanks driving toward the field.

And let’s not forget about those satellite images.

And let’s not forget the video of military vehicles clogging the streets of Shenzen.


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