Noveske Taking Marketing Tips From Highpoint?


In the current fad of exploitation gun marketing pioneered by PSA, Noveske has now apparently tried their hand at appealing to youths.Or anyone with an ironic sense of humor I suppose. Not to be outdone by the “yeet canon” produced by America’s most respected gun maker, Noveske now gives us the “ghetto blaster”.


Their new pistol AR offering I am sure will sell well to the Noveske devotees. What do you get for your $2,550.00 yankee green backs?


     Length– 7.94” 5.56 or 300BLK with 1/7 twist 

     Gas Block– Lo-Pro, .750, pinned to barrel

     Barrel Extension w/extended feed ramps

     Flash Hider-Q Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brake

Upper Receiver

     Model– Gen 4 precision machined billet receiver from 7075-T6 w/extended feed ramps featuring anti-rotation interface with handguard

     Finish– Hardcoat type III anodizing, with Cerakote ceramic coating (Armor Black, Sniper Gray, or Bazooka Green) 

     Charging Handle– Noveske Marked Geissele Super Badass Charging Handle 

     Q Bolt & Carrier Group

Lower Receiver

     Model– Gen 4 precision machined billet receiver from 7075-T6 featuring ambidextrous controls  Ambi bolt release, Norgon Ambi magazine release, and Ambi 60 degree STS safety selector

     Finish– Hardcoat type III anodizing, with Cerakote ceramic coating (Armor Black, Sniper Gray, or Bazooka Green) 

     Trigger– Geissele SD-E

Handguard (options)

 NHR-7” (Keymod or M-LOK) Free Floating Handguard


Stock-Q PDW Pistol Brace

    Grip- Magpul K2


  Magpul MBUS Pro Folding Sights

     One 30 Rnd. Magazine

Yeah, I’m not its market, Never have liked or cared about anything Noveske makes. They never impressed me personally. But to each their own. I’m sure it will work fine, and it has some nice features. But if you think this is the ultimate solution to some gap in your battery then it’s your lucky day. It even comes in 300Blk Out! ( AKA 300whisper, AKA 7.62×39 slightly improved, AKA 30-30WCF with match bullets)


  1. Actually just realized that the left calls the president that. That wasn’t the intent, just the font and the yellow outline around the pic brought the old chester commercials to mind

  2. I know this isn’t the main point, but why in the name of John Moses Browning do people keep putting muzzle brakes on low-recoil cartridges like 5.56 and 6.5 CM? Are they being paid by the hearing aid industry or something?

    • I think in some instances like an SBR it’s to have a sort of sacrificial baffle so you’re not blowing out your can when you’re suppressed. I’ve seen some of those PRS competitors with them to give them edge in shot recovery.

      Personally I don’t like them because they are loud as sin.

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