Protected & Served! Hong Kong Boogaloo Edition

TOPSHOT - EDITORS NOTE: Graphic content / Medics look after a woman who received a facial injury during a standoff between protesters and police in Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong on August 11, 2019, in the latest opposition to a planned extradition law that was quickly evolved into a …

For the 10th week the brave but ultimately doomed HK protestors have demonstrated and gotten frogy with the local commie puppet local gov. Not that you would have noticed if you only watched the US cable news.

Protestors there have been up to some pretty interesting things. They have been trashing Chinese flags, waving US flags, carrying signs saying “we need the 2nd amendment ” and even getting more than enough signatures for a white house petition. Kinda makes you said they have no idea that no one in the US gov cares what happens to them and has no intention to help them in their fight for something like freedom, or as close as you can get to it in east Asia anyway.

Hong Kong police escalated the use of violence against protesters this weekend, the tenth since protests against Communist Party influence in the city began, flooding closed-off areas with tear gas and, on one occasion, allegedly shooting a protester in the eye.

The harrowing image of the young woman, yet to be identified, bleeding profusely from her eye socket inspired protesters Monday to demand Hong Kong police “give us the eye back.”

In another video, journalists caught police beating a complying protester and squeezing him into a pool of his own blood as the protester repeatedly told officers he was complying with his arrest and in significant pain.

Police also used tear gas liberally in contained spaces – most notably, in an enclosed Mass Transit Rail (MTR) station – and fired pellets and bean bags at close range, injuring protesters. Many online questioned the use of tear gas, meant to disperse crowds, in a space where the protesters were trapped and could not physically disperse. No doubt that the ruling class elite on the left salivate at the thought of doing the same to us.

If the protestors were armed it would be a different story. Too bad for them they only now realize that particular vital need.

Protesters have launched a White House petition to brand the Hong Kong police force a terrorist organization which, as of Monday morning, has enough signatures for an official U.S. government response. Very sad. The world looks to us for help and has no idea they may as well have appealed to Vietnam or Uranus for help. It does make me wonder how many of those signing the petition also shit talk the US otherwise.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets on Saturday and Sunday throughout the city, the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) reported, despite police limiting the scope of protests, banning marching in many instances, and keeping protesters away from government buildings and police stations. While the protest movement has been overwhelmingly peaceful, protesters have attacked government buildings to prevent officials from conducting business that would limit their civil liberties. Most prominently, protesters destroyed the headquarters of the Legislative Council (LegCo) – only targeting the facilities needed to pass laws – to keep legislators from passing a law that would allow China to extradite anyone present in the city for violating communist laws. I have to admit I am impressed. I like to think if ( when..) the day comes here will we have the balls they have as a people.

A full withdrawal of the extradition law – which makes Communist Party laws viable on Hong Kong soil and, thus, violates the “One Country, Two Systems” policy that governs the city – is the primary demand of the protest movement. Lawmakers have tabled the bill, which allows them to revive it at any time, but have refused to withdraw it.

Protesters began surrounding a police station in the neighborhood of Tsim Sha Tsui late Sunday, prompting police to flood the area with tear gas and use bean bags, pellets, and other projectiles against the protesters. Video from the area circulating online showed a young woman with a bleeding eye being tended to by paramedics. She was reportedly shot by a bean bag round: PROTECTED AND SERVED BY HONK KONG’S FINEST!

Things are getting crazier and more violent every protest. it’s only a matter of time before the heavy iron boot of the communist leadership comes down. We wish them luck in their goals You can read the rest at the link and see some video footage of the violence by the HK police.


  1. It’s a sad situation. I remember when the UK gave HK back to the Chinese and thinking what a horrible idea that was. And i was like a sophomore in HS. Best of luck to them, but i feel like another Tienanmen square is in the making. Just gotta hope it works out for them, but without any real way to fight back, the cards are stacked against them.

  2. Some additional information:

    – Expired tear gas was frequently by the police.
    – So far, nearly 2000 tear gases shots were fired within this 2 months.
    – Police officers refuse to show any identify card or police number while on duty, which causes common people not be able to put forward any charge against any particular police officer.
    – Some police officer mix into protesters and take lead in assaults.
    – It was found that large group of non-locals (most likely Chinese Police) were mixed into uniformed Hong Kong Police officer, which is prohibited by law.

  3. AFVs and automatic weapons in a few weeks. They have no weapons so that will be it.

    Keep your weapons if you have them, and buy ammo.

  4. Sounds like France.
    The cops there have crippled dozens and killed a few.
    It’s what you get when your Government becomes lawless.
    Sound Familiar?


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