Today is the one year anniversary of the day ,Richard Russell passed from this life and entered immortality as “Sky King”. Skyking was just a normal working slub like every one else that decided he’d had enough. Richard had let the world grind him down mentally. He didn’t lash out like some maniac and start taking people with him. Nay, he went out the way he wanted, fulfilling his dream of flying a plane.

He ganked an aircraft right off the runway and took to the skies. In the process of flying around and giving us some unforgettable audio,he enjoyed himself in his last minutes.

I know his actions caused major property damage to the airline in losing the plane. I know people come down on both sides of this. He could have killed people since he had no pilots license. But he didn’t. I can’t help but admire the guy a little and regret such a ballsy dude is gone. What would the world be like without characters like this in it? Not one I would want to live in. It’s a shame Sky King is gone, but he achieved the peace he wanted, didn’t hurt anyone and when he decided to nose down and call it a night ,became a legend.

Before anyone gets their panties in a twist, I’m not advocating anyone do this or making Rich into a role model. The story did fascinate me at the time and still does.


  1. One of the major tasks before the societal elite in any time, place or culture is to make sure that young men’s energy is channeled into productive ends.

    Our elite is failing at this, and Sky King is but one manifestation of this. Blame guns, though, or blame video games. Whatever you do, don’t blame the elites who have taken away our God, taken away our families, taken away our livelihoods, and taken away our culture. It must be the guns. Or the video games.

    • The elite aren’t failing. The elite know good and damn well what they’re doing. They know that women are gullible, and if you want to take over not only a country, but an entire culture, you have to attack the men. The women are, in the majority, gullible enough to go along with being bought off, due the inherent female hypergamy.

      Hence the unremitting, ubiquitous attack on men and masculinity.

      • No arguments.

        Off topic: I’m getting ready to order a 1907-style sling for my new deer/elk rifle. Your input on the topic helped get me out of analysis paralysis on the different options. Thanks.

        • get the turner synthetic version of the 1907. It will last forever and you can get it to look like leather, in OD or black. Leather is fine too. At The Front makes excellent quality milspec leather 1907 slings as well. I don’t know if you can stil get it,but midway and brownells used to sell a springfield armory 1907 leather sling that is 1″ 1/2. slightly wider than the standard military width and it is soooo much more comfy for carrying. They won’t let you use it at high power or Camp perry though, not legal.I have used several of them for about 20 years now. they are really nice. only thing with SA’s name on it I would ever recommend lol

          • The synthetic Turners 1907 sling is the exact one I picked out. I wasn’t sure between the synthetic and the leather, but some of the reviews said that rain would ruin the leather. Since it’ll be a hunting gun and not a range queen, that made the decision right there.

  2. I feel the same way about Marvin who road his homemade toy dubbed later Killdozer(after a bad but entertaining 70’s sci fi movie)for a bit o justice without killing anyone.


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