When Guns Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have Knives -Again..


This is a when guns are outlawed post, but it could very easy be another Protected and Served post. A lot of WTF to go around.

PITTSBURGH – One of two women stabbed Thursday at a bus stop in downtown Pittsburgh has died, police said. We must do something about this epidemic of knife crime!

One of the women was talking to a police officer when a man came up from behind the officer and attacked her and another woman walking by with a knife, authorities said. The woman the officer was talking to may have been sleeping at the bus stop, according to officials. Good job officer. Months of police academy training paid off with that quick reaction.

getting a lot of mileage out of this one lately

It just goes to show even if a law officer is within arms distance, if some one wants to take a life they will, Laws don’t matter. tool doesn’t matter and police presents DOES NOT MATTER.

The stabbing happened about 11:30 a.m. outside the Burlington Coat Factory on Sixth Avenue, which was shut down between Wood and Smithfield streets. A large police presence was in the area. Not large enough apparently.

Both women, who investigators said did not know each other, were taken to hospitals.

The woman who had been talking to the officer before she was stabbed in the neck died at the hospital, police said. The second woman is still being treated.

Police believe the second woman was wearing a hijab; however, they said the attack appears to have been random. * Local news station – How can we spin this to orangeman’s and white men’s fault?”

“At this time there is no evidence to suggest that this attack was racially or religiously motivated. The woman at the bus stop was not wearing religious garb, but the second victim may have been wearing a hijab. Police are investigating and will explore all possible motives,” a news release said. “police believe the woman may have been wearing a hijab but aren’t sure until they determine if it will advance a political narrative and are waiting for higher ups to determine what agenda is to be followed. Police also believe the 2nd woman was a woman but further investigation is needed.”

The officer who was talking to one of the women was able to subdue the suspect before helping to give medical aid to the victims, officials said. Glad to see he had his priorities in order.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County released the following statement:

“Port Authority extends its deepest sympathies to the families of the deceased and surviving victim of the senseless attack at our bus stop earlier today.

“Although the investigation by Pittsburgh police remains ongoing, we understand that this was an isolated incident. Isn’t it always? Unless a gun is involved that is.

“The safety and security of our customers, employees and the public is our top priority, and we will continue to maintain a strong police presence in the areas we serve by working with Pittsburgh police and other local law enforcement agencies throughout our region.”


  1. How many folks have to be stabbed before we follow GB’s bin policy,this insanity has to end!

    Do not even get me going on the millions of pairs of scissors in peoples homes!


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