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We like Larue Tactical here. We LOVE Larue products here. Most of us use Larue mounts for our optics. Howard and I will both tell you they can’t really be beat. Howard owns Larue rifles in 556 and 762mm. We like and recommend a lot of what Mark Larue makes. Ahem…

Now Larue is really teasing his new bolt action design more.

So what are we looking at here? A M700 derivative. Yawn. I’m sure it will be made to a very highly quality. And I am equally sure that the price will reflect that. But, its a 2 lug bolt and round M700 receiver. Who is asking for this I wonder? There are already more custom M700 type custom gun makers than you can shake a stick at if you had a stick between every finger on both hands and and one clenched in your teeth. I saw a comment about this on B-ARFCOM earlier that sums it up.

Originally Posted By FedDC:
Larue makes very good gear. I have a pile of it.

The 700 clone market has been saturated by machinists building very good 700 clone actions for 20+ years. Stiller is a good example.

The gun world doesn’t need another 700 clone.

Unless you are bringing some AI features like quick change barrels, calibers, mags, uber weight reduction, keyed pic rail optic mounts, short bolt lift without the weight penalty (3 lug), fixed ejectors, more reliable trigger design…

Fans will buy it…but it’s not changing the game.

Then again, it is designed for “superior lethality out to 1200 yards” ..


  1. I’m in complete agreement. There are at least a dozen companies making 700-clone or 700+machining actions now. There are some that are much better, some that are only a little bit better, than a stock 700.

    If you’ve got gunsmith tools and training, you can turn a stock 700 into something much better, but if someone comes to me and asks “How much to blueprint and re-barrel my 700?” I usually recommend one of the nice 700 clone actions that I know will be much better in quality as a starting point (at a detriment to my bottom line, but this is the approach I think that benefits the customer). By the time I’ve blueprinted and re-barreled a stock 700, then put a better trigger on it, etc, etc – we’re not talking that much more money to just sell the old 700 and buy a new 700-clone action and start from a higher quality action.

    Now, one action maker who is making an action I want to use on a custom rifle of my own sometime in the future is the American Rifle Co’s “Mausingfield” action. It shares some outside dimensions with the 700, but there are some very unique and interesting features on this action.

    I wish someone would make a good clone or clone+ of the Winchester Model 70 action, both in the pre-64 Mauser-extractor and post-64 (actually pot-68) variant. I think that flat-bottomed actions are preferable to the round 700’s. The Mauser 98 action still has the most safety features to protect the shooter; every bolt action since the ’98 has been an exercise in removing one or more of those safety features, until you get to the 700 and most of the safety features are gone. There’s no backup lug, the safety just blocks the trigger and doesn’t capture the firing pin, there’s no flange on the cocking piece to divert gas coming down the bolt or bolt raceway, etc, etc.

    The reason why the 700 action is so widely cloned is the simplicity of manufacturing. It’s just a tube of 4140 steel, and there is very little wasted material. If you wanted to machine a flat-bottomed receiver (eg, Mauser, Springfield ’03, Win70, etc) action out of 4140 bar stock, you’d have to start with a far larger chunk of steel, in large part because the recoil lug is integral.

    • I was just telling a friend a few days ago the reason hte M700 action is so cloned is because its fast easy and cheap to make because its rounded. I am a total Model 70 man myself

  2. I’m still bitter at Remington ignoring the problem with the rifle discharging upon moving the safety catch from safe to fire for so long (decades?). That kind of thing just pisses me off, and I won’t even look at a 700 clone because of that issue, though I don’t know if it’s an issue with the clones.


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