A Kazakh man has been hacked to death in broad daylight in the middle of a German street with a ‘samurai sword’, police said. Now there is something you don’t read every day .

The dead man’s Syrian roommate was arrested after the 36-year-old victim was repeatedly stabbed in Stuttgart yesterday in front of horrified onlookers.

Authorities confirmed a man was killed in the road in the German city Fasanenhof district with a ‘sword-like object’ that looked like a samurai weapon. Good work boys. I wonder. Since its a Japanese sword, will he be charged with cultural appropriation?

Screaming witnesses tried in vain to save the man as he was hacked at by his attacker, but he died at the scene. I have to say, I am really surprised screaming at a guy who is brazen or insane enough to behead another dude in broad daylight in the middle of a road didn’t work.

The suspect then reportedly fled on a bicycle but was caught that evening following a frantic police helicopter manhunt.  I kinda wish it had been a tricycle or unicycle.

Officers also found a “sword-like object” discarded in a bush near the scene, thought to be the murder weapon.  What the hell is up with the “sword like object” ?

The attacker was seen repeatedly stabbing the victim

Residents tried to stop the attacker as repeatedly hacked at his victim

The attacker (left and right) was seen repeatedly stabbing the victim in the middle of the road in Stuttgart as horrified onlookers (right) tried to save him

After hacking the 36-year-old man to death the suspect ran fled the scene on a bicycle

After hacking the 36-year-old man to death the suspect ran

Police and prosecutors said today that a 28-year-old Syrian man who apparently had shared an apartment until recently with the 36-year-old victim was arrested.

There was no immediate details of a possible motive for the stabbing yesterday evening, which followed an argument between the two men.     

The victim – who has not been publicly identified – is believed to be of German-Kazakh origin and used to share a flat in the city with the suspect, Welt reports.

According to Bild, the suspect was heard by witnesses repeatedly shouting at the victim: ‘Why did you do that?’ However, the motive behind the attack has not been revealed. Must have deleted his pron folder.

Germany just gets better every day now that it’s a rich and diverse country full of other beautiful cultures. Why, if anything, they just need some more 13th century historic re-enactments.




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